sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2016




1860.01-AM U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1812 monitoring: confirmed UT Sunday Feb 14 starting at 0422 on Gateway 160 Meter Radio Newsletter, WA0RCR, Wentzville MO, following ARRL News which ran a bit over. Good steady signal, better than usual, and no ham CW QRM all over the place this weekend. [*] (Hauser, OK)

3200 SWAZILAND. Trans World Radio – Manzini, 0307, 2/10/16, in N’debele. Woman announcer, man continues at some length with apparent religious message, 0316 choir music, TWR IS, ID by woman in presumed N’debele, off. Fair – poor. (Taylor – WI)

3240 SWAZILAND. TWR Africa-Manzini, at 0335, on 9 Feb. A male announcer is talking in (P) Shona as listed. A brief musical bridge came on followed by a new male speaker talking. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

3240 SAWZILAND. Trans World Radio – Manzini, 0327 (P), 2/10/16, in Ndau. Man talks into chanting / singing and back into talk. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

3290 GUYANA. Radio Guyana-Georgetown, at 0340, on 9 Feb. A male speaker is talking in what sounded like a speech as he has been speaking for five minutes strait with no break. He mentioned the economy. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

3289.9 GUYANA. Voice of Guyana, sadly listened to this ~ 0930 “ cover most of your body as much as possible …if you are pregnant … so far cases…noted some vomiting and xxx ? …..Ministry of Pubic Health…” 0937 Minister mentioning “..The Lord Jesus “ 13 February (Wilkner FL)

3310 BOLIVIA. Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, 0932 to 0940 re-check. om and yl chat in Quechua , fair to good signal, best audio on the Drake R8. 12 February (Wilkner FL)

3320 SOUTH AFRICA. Radio Sonder Grense-Meyerton, at 0345, on 9 Feb. A song with a male singer was playing followed by a female announcer talking about the song and then laughing while she was talking. She mentioned the song-”How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,” as a song that played earlier. She also talked about Elton John. The listed language was Afrikaans. A new female announcer spoke with her as they were mentioning Africa several times. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

3345 SOUTH AFRICA. Channel Africa-Meyerton, at 0350, on 9 Feb. Two male announcers were talking in English with each other. A new male announcer came on and talked about Cricket matches going on. There was a brief musical interlude followed by a program promo for African Rise and Shine, and then a station ID. A female announcer came on and gave news headlines. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

3365 BRASIL. Radio Cultura, Araraquara, SP, 2317. music mellow vocalist, om dj at 2319 back to music, unusually strong signal to 2340. 11 February (Wilkner FL)

3375.1 BRASIL. Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira, 0925 to 0935. yl and om good signal in PT , noted daily but with less strength 2300+. 12 February (Wilkner FL)

3925 JAPAN. Radio Nikkei heard at 1305 on 2/10/16. a man speaking in Japanese. Fair-to-poor. (Brossell, WI).

4055 GUATEMALA. Radio Verdad-Chiquimula, at 0257, on 9 Feb. A male speaker was talking in Spanish as listed. There was what sounded like (P) instrumental music playing softly in the background. At the top of the hour a song came on with several male and female singers. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

4747.5 PERÚ. Radio Huanta 2000 - Huanta Ayacucho, 1030 to 1045. noted with fair signal with om chat in SP. 9 February (Wilkner FL)

4750 INDONESIA. RRI Makassar, Feb 13 2016, 1455 UTC in Indonesian. typical music program. Nice local ID at 1503 UTC. Signed off at 1558 UTC. Good (Delmage, AB)

4754.9 BRASIL. Radio Imaculada Conceição, Campo Grande, MS, 2324 to 2335. om religious message in PT, first time in a while. 6 February (Wilkner FL)

4775 SWAZILAND. Trans World Radio, Manzini, 0352-0400. Talk in Lomwe by a man. Local music at 0354. Announcements by a man at 0356. IS and English language ID at 0358, repeated. German language program began at 0400. Moderate signal strength with heavy CODAR interference. 2/9/2016 (Evans - TN)

4775 SWAZILAND. TWR Africa-Manzini, at 0435, on 9 Feb. A male speaker is talking in German as listed. A brief musical bridge came on followed by more talk. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

4775 SWAZILAND. Trans World Radio – Manzini, 0348 (P), 2/14/16, in Lomre. Woman talking at length. Fair signal wrecked by CODAR swishes which I couldn’t stay with to hear what was next. (Taylor – WI)

4784.95 BRAZIL. Radio Caiari-Porto Velho, (T), at 1030, on 12 Feb. A male DJ is talking with musical bridges playing and very animated talk going on. A song played with a male singer. There is some CODAR interference being heard. LSB setting was used. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

4800 INDIA. AIR Hyderabad (P), 1249, 2/13/16, in Telugu. Program of South Asian music with male announcer. Poor. (Taylor – WI)

4805 BRASIL. Radio Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus, 2310 2320. yl chat in Portuguese. Improved signal since returning. 11 February (Wilkner FL)

4810 INDIA. AIR Bhopal, 1537 UTC, Feb 8 2016 in English. News at 9 Fair // AIR Chennai 4920 kHz Good. (Delmage, AB)

4810 PERÚ. Radio Logos, Chazuta, Tarapoto, 0920. carrier and distortion… 1007 back with weaker signal, had not been noted for a few days by several dx friends. slow instrumental music, no flauta andina ..12 February..Nothing same time 13 February + tnx Daniel Wyllyans (Wilkner FL)

4824.5 UNIDENTIFIED. While looking for Perú La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos 2310 to 2325. Spanish weak on 11 February and same time 6 and 9 February . Brasil strong on 4825 so not them (Wilkner FL)

4835 AUSTRALIA. ABC NT Service, Alice Springs heard at 1301 on 2/9/16. economic news read by a man. Fair. (Brossell, WI).

4835 AUSTRALIA. ABC Northern Territories-Alice Springs, (P), at 1036, on 12 Feb. A male announcer was speaking followed by a song with a male singer. LSB mode was used to clear up audio somewhat. A male announcer came back on and spoke. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

4875.20 BRAZIL. Radio Difusora Roraima-Boa Vista, at 1040, on 12 Feb. A male announcer is talking to another male at the station in what sounds like a (P) call in to the station. An announcement for the next song came on followed by a lively song with several male singers. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

4875.1 BRAZIL. Radiodifusora Roraima – Boa Vista (P), 0351, 2/14/16, in Portuguese. Program of contemporary Brasilian music with male announcer. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

4885 BRAZIL. Radiodifusora Acreana – Rio Branco (P), 0248, 2/11/16, in Portuguese. Man with excited talk. (Taylor – WI)

4885 BRASIL. Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, PA, 0920 to 1000. IS by om repeated "kiloherts and medium wave and shortwave fqys".... 13 February (Wilkner FL)

4885 SOUTH KOREA. Echo of Hope heard at 1250 on 2/10/16. a couple of soft ballads followed by a woman speaking in listed Korean. At 1300, a man spoke in Korean (perhaps the news). Fair-to-poor in noise. (Brossell, WI).

4885 SOUTH KOREA. Feb 10 at 1355, song, and 1400 Korean announcement; Echo of Hope from the SOUTH is the SSOB now at S9+10, better than Australia on 4835. No jamming audible (Hauser, OK)

4895 INDIA. AIR Kurseong, 1527, Feb 8 2016 in Hindi. talk a familiar imaging. News at 9 in English at 1530 UTC. Poor/fair (Delmage, AB)

4905 TIBET. PBS Xiaxing, at 1531 UTC, Feb 8 2016, Language ? Very Good // 4920 kHz under AIR. (Delmage, AB)

4915 BRASIL. Radio Daqui Goiânia, GO, seemingly 0926 in Portuguese. weak signal, some fade outs 0955 music 12 February. Also noted 1020 to 1030 with weaker signal on 13 February. + tnx Daniel Wyllyans (Wilkner FL)

4920 INDIA. AIR Chennai heard at 1257 on 2/9/16. a woman speaking in listed Tamil, followed at 1259 by a man giving an apparent ID and clear mention of India at 1300. Fair. (Brossell, WI).

4925.21 BRAZIL. Radio Educacao Rural-Tefe, at 1045, on 12 Feb. A male announcer is speaking with another male speaker. A brief musical interlude came on followed by more talk than a song played. JBA. (Cooper, PA)

4940 CHINA. Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou heard at 1254 on 2/9/16. operatic-type singing by a woman, followed by a man speaking in Mandarin. Poor in noisy band conditions. (Brossell, WI).

4940 CHINA. Voice of the Strait-Fuzhou, at 1050, on 12 Feb. A female announcer was speaking very slowly. She was followed by a pop style-ballad with a male singer. The song appeared to be cut off with the female announcer coming on and speaking briefly with the same song again playing. Again the song stopped with talking going on. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

4955 PERU. Radio Cultura Amauta-Huanta, at 1055, on 12 Feb. A slow song with a male singer is playing. A male announcer came on and spoke briefly followed by the same song again. A male speaker came on and gave a (P) station ID with a new song being played with multiple singers. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

4970+ INDIA. Feb 11 at 1330, S8 carrier, same past 1333, so apparently AIR Shillong, slightly on hi side, rather than the CNR1 jamming which has been here for weeks by mistake instead of blocking BBC Uzbek on 4790 at 1300-1330 only, as reported by Ron Howard. If we could get it better than this, like Ron, we could be hearing Hindi/English coverage of the XII South Asian Games until Feb 16, pre-empting regular programming including Delhi news at 1530, as I quote him on WOR 1812 (Hauser, OK)

4985.59 PERU. Radio Voz Cristiana-Chilca, (T), at 1105, on 12 Feb. The station had a male announcer speaking with music in the background. A song with a female speaker came on. A male announcer came on and sounds like he might be (P) preaching and the language appears to be (P) Spanish which would indicate Peru. A station in Brazil-Radio Brazil Central is scheduled for this time on listings I have, but based on programming I am hearing it doesn’t appear to be it. The station is coming in right on this frequency with the SDR locking on it. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

5109.7-CUSB U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1811 monitoring: confirmed from 0400 UT Mon Feb 8 on Area 51 webcast, and before 0428 also on WBCQ, S9+10. Also confirmed from 0430 UT Mon Feb 8 on WRMI 9955, S9+20, much better signal than usual and no jamming audible, on the R-75. (By 0440 on the NRD-545, S9+25, but other WRMI 9395 is S9+30 at 0445). [*] (Hauser, OK)

5940 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. IBRA Radio - Dhabbaya (P), 0244, 2/9/16, in Dari. Woman talking at length. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

5952.36 BOLIVIA. Pio XII, Siglo Veinte, 1025 in ssb to avoid co channel slop. om and yl in language , fair signal at best, been missing often 2300+ band scans. 13 February (Wilkner FL)

5960 ALBANIA. CRI-Cerrik, at 2110, on 9 Feb. A panel of speakers is talking about provinces and the power they have for the wellbeing of the people in relation to investing and companies to invest in. A male speaker talked about “Zombie” companies in China especially ones with factories. Good. (Cooper, PA)

5960 FRANCE. Radio Japan-Issoudun, at 0315, on 13 Feb. A male announcer was talking in Japanese. He was followed by a lively pop style song sung by a female singer in Japanese. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

6000 CUBA. Feb 13 at 0323, RHC English is just barely modulated, on the BST-1 caradio, compared to many other signals from Cuba et al. (Hauser, OK)

6003 SOUTH KOREA. Echo of Hope-Goyang, (P), (Opposition to North Korea,) at 1135, on 12 Feb. A female announcer is speaking in a long monologue. I am not hearing any noise jamming at this time from NK authorities. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

6010 COLUMBIA. Radio Voz de tu Conciencia-Puerto Lleras, (P), at 1140, on 12 Feb. A male announcer is speaking. There sounds like some type of electronic pulse noise on this frequency right now interfering with audio pick up. JBA. (Cooper, PA)

6045 SOUTH AFRICA. Deusche Welle-Meyerton, at 0320, on 13 Feb. A male announcer is talking in (P) Swahili as listed along with another male speaker. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

6050 EQUADOR. HCJB-Voice of the Andes-Pico Pichincha, at 1145, on 12 Feb. A male and a female announcer are talking back and forth to each other. This was followed by a brief musical interlude with a female speaker talking about music, then a male announcer came on and spoke. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

6070 CANADA. News Talk 1010-Toronto, at 2118, on 9 Feb. A program promo for “Live Drive” came on followed by news and stories. A panel of speakers talked about a schoolgirl who sued her school because of wanting to recuse herself from religious activities in a Catholic School that she attends. Good. (Cooper, PA)

6134.85 BOLIVIA. Radio Santa Cruz, 0100. “Radio Santa Cruz ...” ID by om at tune in, nice ! :-) 10 February (Wilkner FL)

6134.810 BOLIVIA. Feb 12 at 0123, R. Santa Cruz with music, poor, but no ZY het from Aparecida 6135+. As usual, the final digit of a precise frequency readout is not necessarily exact (Hauser, OK)

6160 NEWFOUNDLAND. CKZN-St Johns, at 2124, on 9 Feb. A male announcer was talking about the American political system. This was followed by a song with a male singer. A male announcer came on after the song and talked about the singer. A new song with a female singer came on. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

6160- CANADA (NEWFOUNDLAND.) Feb 9 at 0725 UT as I am dozing off, hear an ID for ``The Current on CBC Radio One``, so is it CKZN or CKZU? CBCR1 schedule shows ``The Current Review`` at 3-4 am local time, so it`s not CKZU. Is CKZU on? This time of night should be hearing both (Hauser, OK)

6160 CANADA. CKZN - St. John’s, 2320. “Christie drops out of race….port authority staff .. Marco Rubio etc... “ 2323 good signal. 11 February (Wilkner FL)

6170 ROMANIA. RRI-Tiganesti, at 2130, on 9 Feb. The RRI English language program came on with news reports and a little music until 2156 when the program stopped. Talk about NATO, Moldova, and economic issues were presented. Good. (Cooper, PA)

6175 UAE. Voice of Vietnam-Dhabbaya, at 2027, on 9 Feb. A song was playing with a female singer. A male speaker came on and spoke in German before the station went off the air. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

6185 NORTH KOREA. Voice of Korea-Kujang, at 1200, on 12 Feb. A classical instrumental song is playing with an orchestra playing the music. A female announcer came on and stated this concluded the song. A new song came on with a female singer in (P) Korean. The song ended with the female announcer speaking again briefly followed by more music. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

6195 SINGAPORE. BBC-Kranji, at 1155, on 12 Feb. A male announcer is talking with another male speaker. A female announcer came on and mentioned BBC WS followed by her talking to a male speaker. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

6195 OMAN. BBC-Al Seela, at 0325, on 13 Feb. A male speaker is talking in English as listed. He is reciting an article he wrote. A female BBC announcer came on followed by a BBC program promo. A BBC station ID came on followed by news headlines with the lead off story being the Pope’s visit with the Orthodox Church leader in Cuba. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

6200 CHINA. CPBS Tibet heard at 1307 on 2/9/16. female singing and announcements in listed Tibetan. Fair. (Brossell, WI).

6600 SOUTH KOREA. Voice of the People-Kyonggi, (Opposition to North Korea,) at 1205, on 12 Feb. A male s peaker is talking in a long monologue. There is NK noise jamming going on but the station’s audio feed is able to break though. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

6295 USB PIRATE-EUROPE. Mike Radio, 2216-2300*, 02-06-16. SIO: 444. This Dutch pirate with a great signal playing tunes by Fools Garden, Alice Cooper, Jeff Wayne, etc. Frequent ID’s by OM , greetings top those posting on the hf underground. Said he was putting out 1 kw into a G5RV dipole. Announced email as<>. (Lobdell-MA)

6925 PIRATE (No. Am.) Pee Wee Radio, 0055, 2/8/16. Unintelligible talk with some spacy music into punk, bluesy guitar with “Pee Wee” in CW at the very end, off 0130. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

6930-USB PIRATE (NORTH AMERICA.) Feb 12 at 0044, very poor S6 signal with music, maybe bluegrass, 0055 announcement including <> but can`t catch the ID; 0103 song about marijuana in Muskogee. This thread from 0001 to 0051 says it was Moonlight Radio:,26299.0.html (Hauser, OK)

6930.2 PIRATE (No. Am.) Radio First Termer, 0212, 2/8/16. Introduction of Radio First Termer revival, rock, talk, start of “Evil Woman” abruptly off. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

6945-6950 PIRATE. (No. Am.) Unidentified, at 2115, on 11 Feb. An interview was going on with a male talking about Urban Information. A female announcer came on and interviewed a male from California who stated he worked for KBRX. The station jumped from 4945 to 4950 and continued to broadcast. A female speaker is talking about the “power of radio.” Fair. (Cooper, PA)

6970 USB PIRATE-EURO. IBC/Italian Broadcasting Corporation, 2300-2320+, 02-05-16. SIO: 232.

IBC here playing tunes by Patrick Hernandez, The Cure, Snap, Charles D. Lewis, interspersed with ID’s in English with email address for reports. Station sent email announcing broadcast. Email is: <>. (Lobdell-MA)

6975 AM PIRATE-EURO. Blue Dragon AM, 2301-0010, 02-6/7-16. SIO:343. Per tip from German DXer Rainer Brandt, heard this Italian pirate with good AM signal. Playing oldies by Mike Oldfield, Simon Moon, Village People, Chic, Culture Club, etc. Occasional ID’s by OM in Italian and English. Reception report in English to<> brought super cool eQSL the next morning. (Lobdell-MA)

7030-AM OPPOSITION. Feb 11 at 1319, very poor signal S5, with talk, and music so sure sounds like a broadcast station; however some of the talk could have been a very weak phone LSB ham (XE?) riding in on that carrier; but at 1325 I can hear the modulation on USB setting. Presumably V. of Jammu & Kashmir Freedom Movement, as IDed last month by Japanese DXers and Mauno Ritola; tnx to S. Hasegawa, Jan 15 & 28 between *1310v and 1430*v. Ron Howard had it Jan 31 at 1354, but Feb 1 only until 1347*. In Communication of the British DX Club, Tony Rogers reported it Jan 29 from 1430 to 1445* clearly mentioning ``7.230 MHz`` [in English?] at sign-off, so maybe they are mis-punching the frequency, temporarily? WRTH 2016 pp. 510-511 says this comes out of a R. Pakistan, Islamabad transmitter, address in Muzaffarabad, but it was then on 3995 at 1300-1430 daily in Kashmiri/Urdu, irregular and times variable. (Hauser, OK)

7120 SOMALI. Radio Hargeisa-Hargeisa, (T), at 0335, on 13 Feb. A male announcer is talking in (P) Somali as listed. A song came on with several male singers followed by more talk. JBA. (Cooper, PA)

7205 SUDAN. Radio Republic of Sudan – Al-Aitahab, 0258, 2/11/16, in Arabic. Man chanting (not Qur’an sounding), announcement, 0300 4+1 time pips, fanfare, ID, continuing talk by male announcer (probably news or similar), second male announcer takes over. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

7225 IRAN. VOIRI-Kamalabad, at 0020, on 10 Feb. The station is playing its interval signal. A new song started to come on but it reverted back to the interval signal again. The station is scheduled to BC at 0020 in Spanish. At 0023 a female announcer came on spoke briefly, followed by the Iranian National Anthem. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

7245 TAJIKISTAN. Voice of the Tajik – Yangi Yul (Tentative), 0252, 2/9/16, in Tajik. Male announcer talking at length. I’m tentative about this but cannot find other possibilities at this time. Language was unfamiliar. Poor. (Taylor – WI)

7254.94 NIGERIA. Feb 9 at 0718, VON in French, S9+10 but undermodulated; no sign of anything on 9689.9, which used to be // at least for the preceding hour in Hausa (Hauser, OK)

7325 IRAN. VOIRI-Kamalabad, at 0340, on 13 Feb. The program, Voice of Justice program, in English is on with news headlines being given out. Iranian, World, and Middle Eastern news headlines were discussed. A program on the 37th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution was discussed. Good. (Cooper, PA)

7460 MADAGASCAR. Radio Payam e-Doost – Talata (P), 0234, 2/10/16, in Farsi. Woman announcer into fanfare with same woman continuing. Poor. (Taylor – WI)

7489.9-AM U S A. UT Mon Feb 8 at 0446, anti(?)-Mormon discussion evaluating plural marriages, by caller with YL host, not TOM. Then find same at 0454 on 5890//4840 WWCRs, but WBCQ`s is running half a sesquiminute behind them. Skeds of both stations confirm at 04-05 UT Mondays is `Herald of Truth`, i.e. from the white-racist Kingdom Identity Ministries out of Arkansas. 7490 is off after 0500 at 0509 recheck [+] 7489.850, UT Fri Feb 12 at 0030, `Broad Spectrum Radio` at new time and frequency via WBCQ, replacing UT Fri 0130 on 5109.7-CUSB, which is off. Now it`s VG at S9+20. I recognize the episode as a repeat from last week about hobby radio, but cut at 0034 to correct new episode on monthly rotation, `G.I. Rights Radio`. James Branum advised of the change just during the previous hour, as forwarded in my last log report, and he later confirmed that the hobby-radio start was a mixup. We`ll see which episodes or whether a part 2 appear Sat 2230 on 7490. (In each case preceded by his other show `Mennonite Radio`.) 7490, Sat Feb 13 at 2225, just music on WBCQ, continues past 2230, so filler in place of Mennonite Radio and Broad Spectrum Radio? No, James Branum explains, ``Glenn, This Saturday I aired the BSR Interfaith show”. […] So need to check each week`s plans which are constantly differing, and also not the same as the UT Fri 00-01 block on 7490 (Hauser, OK)

7570 U S A. Monday Feb 8 in the 21-22 UT hour on WRMI, `La Rosa de Tokio` is about radio in Catamarca province, which corresponds to this week`s episode per publicity (altho it could be a rerun from months ago) (Hauser, OK)

9330v-CUSB U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1811 monitoring: I haven`t checked every evening for the new 0030 UT airing on WBCQ --- but I should: UT Wed Feb 10 at 0030 a JBA carrier, exciter? Only at *0032 does an S9 signal cut on 9330.07 with WOR two minutes in progress. Altho peaking S9 on the meter it`s hardly a strong signal to the ears. [+] WORLD OF RADIO 1812 monitoring: confirmed UT Friday Feb 12 at 0030 on WBCQ 9330.04-CUSB, very poor S6 after WBCQ IS & ID preceding; at 0035, it registers S7 on the R-75, but straining to hear as it seems undermodulated. A blessing in disguise, since after 0100, Terry Blalock is also hard to hear, imagine that! WOR 1812 also confirmed on PL-880 UT Saturday Feb 13 circa 0050 on 9330, poor. Also confirmed Saturday Feb 13 during the 1531 broadcast on Hamburger Lokalradio, 7265-USB (via UTwente remote) --- this week, well atop the CRI CCI, making almost R5 with occasional quick deep fades; until the last few seconds of propagation outlook were overridden by CRI site/antenna switch for Russian blasting in at 1600. [*] (Hauser, OK)

9400 MOLDOVA. Radyoya Denge Kurdistane-Kishinev, (Clandestine to Turkey,) at 0400, on 13 Feb. The station is playing a nice selection of Kurdish songs with both male and female singers singing. Good. (Cooper, PA)

9400, OPPOSITION. Feb 13 at 1432, surprised to hear an impassioned speech by a woman in German! At first marred by some long IADs. Seemingly a political rally, with crowd cheering; mentions Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim. B-W is also Stuttgart`s state, so maybe Wolfgang knows what event this was. No translation, 1437 switch to another speaker, man in presumed Kurdish. 1438 chant and response, bits of music, fewer IADs, 1440 more music. 1441 back to studio with ``Denge Kurdistanye`` ID. This segment on 9400 until 1500 is believed to be via site PRIDNESTROVYE (Hauser, OK)

9410 THAILAND. BBC, Nakhon Sawan, 0003-0012. News in English by a man and a woman. Weak signal, improving slightly over time, with a little flutter. 2/9/2016 (Evans - TN)

9445 INDIA. AIR GOS, 2115 UTC, Feb 14 2016. English program featuring selections of Indian music. An interview program at 2130 UTC. Very Good (Delmage, AB)

9460 SOUTH AFRICA. BBC-Meyerton, at 0415, on 13 Feb. A discussion by a panel of males and females are talking about internet access though out the world and Facebook’s status on the internet. Good. (Cooper, PA)

9480 CHINA. Firedragon jamming, 0113, 2/10/16. Chinese traditional music jamming loop vs. unheard Radio Free Asia in Uighur from Kuwait. Fair. [+] 0107, 2/12/16. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

9490 PHILIPPINES. VOA-Tinang, at 1230, on 12 Feb. The station has both a male and a female announcer talking in Korean as listed. A brief musical interlude came on followed by a male speaker talking along with news clips in English about North Korean issues with breaking UN resolutions. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

9510 VATICAN. Voice of America – St. Maria Galeria (P), 0403, 2/14/16, in Somali. Woman announcer, Somali music, off at 0359 mid song. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

9575 MOROCCO. Radio Medi International-Nador, at 0420, on 13 Feb. A song is being sung by a male singer in Arabic as listed. A female announcer came on and spoke followed by a new song with a male singer and a Middle Eastern style beat. A male speaker came on, spoke briefly and then a new song came on that was instrumental with the male speaker talking while the music is playing. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

9590 TAIWAN. Radio Taiwan Intl, Tanshui, 1425-1428. Woman interviewing a man in Russian. Moderate strength signal with minor fading. 2/7/2016 (Evans - TN)

9595 INDIA. AIR GOS, 1612 UTC, Feb 13 2016. test tone to 1615 UTC Sign On in Russian. Very Good. (Delmage, AB)

9615 & 9655 ALASKA. Feb 8 at 1420, NO signals, not even carriers from KNLS as scheduled this hour in English, Chinese respectively; instead see ROMANIA. Off the air, or totally unpropagating? (Hauser, OK)

9630 BRAZIL. Radio Aparecida-Aparecida, at 0435, on 13 Feb. A male announcer was talking briefly. This was followed by a slow song being sung by a male singer. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

9655 ROMANIA. Feb 8 at 1420, S8 station in Romanian, safely assuming it`s RRI as scheduled. I was looking for KNLS Alaska as also scheduled in Chinese, but no trace of it here, nor on 9615 in English. 1422 plays ``Love Me, Tender`` song in English but not sure it`s Elvis; did anyone else dare sing it? 1424 back to Romanian announcement (Hauser, OK)

9660 CHINA. CNR 1 Jammer, 0107, 2/12/16, in Mandarin. Woman announcer, musical bridge, man announcer, fanfare to man and woman announcers alternating. Fair. Vs unheard Radio Free Asia in Uighur via KWT // 9670 vs Radio Free Asia in Uighur via TJK (Fair); 9690 (fair). (Taylor – WI)

9660 TAIWAN. Radio Taiwan Intl, Kouhu, 1422-1425. Talk in Thai by a woman. Weak to moderate signal with some fading. 2/7/2016 (Evans - TN)

9700 NEW ZEALAND. Radio New Zealand International heard at 1346 on 2/8/16. a report on rock climbing in a remote area of New Zealand. Fair. (Brossell, WI).

9745 EGYPT. Radio Cairo-Avis, at 0440, on 13 Feb. A male announcer is speaking in Arabic as listed. There was a brief musical interlude followed by more talk. I am not hearing the usual hum from this transmitter tonight as bad as it usually is. It is there but barely perceptible. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

9765 SRI LANKA. Deewa Radio (VoA) – Iranawila, 0125, 2/10/15, in Pashto. Man with mention of Bernie Sanders and “VoA,” correspondent report apparently from New Hampshire primary with many mentions of Bernie Sanders including taking questions from the studio announcer. Good. (Taylor – WI)

9800 PHILIPPINES. VOA relay heard at 1339 on 2/8/16. the song "I'll be your man" by Richard Marx, followed by a woman speaking in listed Korean. Good. (Brossell, WI).

9819.4 BRAZIL. Radio Aparecida – Aparecida, 0129, 2/10/16, in Portuguese. Program of call ins with studio announcer. Fair. // 9630 also fair. (Taylor – WI)

9825 NORTHERN MARIANAS. VOA relay heard at 1343 on 2/8/16. talks in Mandarin by a man. Good. (Brossell, WI).

9855 MADAGASCAR. NHK Radio Japan-Talata, at 2035, on 9 Feb. A male announcer is speaking in French as listed in what sounds like news headlines and stories. The program ended with a song sung by a male singer at 2100. Good. (Cooper, PA)

9860 CHINA. CRI Kashi heard at 2228 on 2/8/16. talks in listed Esperanto by a woman. Fair. (Brossell, WI).

9890 KUWAIT. Radio Free Asia relay heard at 2233 on 2/8/16. talks by a man and woman in listed Tibetan. Fair-to-poor. (Brossell, WI).

9910 GUAM. KTWR Guam-Agana, at 1435, on 12 Feb. A slow (P), religious sounding song was on with several female singers. This was followed by a quick station ID given by a female announcer. A male speaker came on and started talking in (P) Korean as listed. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

9915 UNITED KINGDOM. BBC-Wooferton, at 2030, on 9 Feb. A male BBC news announcer came on and gave a program ID followed by a female announcer giving news headlines with the leadoff story being the war in Syria. Good. (Cooper, PA)

9935 GREECE. Feb 9 at 0719, ERA is on here and putting out the humwhine, S5 [+] Feb 12 at 0037, ERA at S9+10, of whine, trace of program modulation underneath. 9420 is OK at S9 (Hauser, OK)

9955 U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1811 monitoring: confirmed the Tuesday 1200 on WRMI, tuned in just before ending at 1228, VG signal at S9+10 with no jamming audible. After 1230 on to `Angloparade`. [*][+] Wed Feb 11 at 1402, tune-in to WRMI for `FG Radio`, just hearing one news item about North Korea missile. FG Radio ID and 1403 into a couple songs, outroed as ``Comin` Inside So Strong``, a soulful protest; 1409 ``repeating the headlines`` for 4 minutes, a lot more than I heard at the top: NK satellite into space ``yesterday`` (it went up UT Sat Feb 6 circa 18 UT, so FG Radio is old news already); Turkey too full of refugees; someone killed in Cyprus fall; something up in UK; Zika virus risk; Dan Hicks dies. 1413 more music and no outro until 1415 gh ID preceding WORLD OF RADIO [+] Next check for the Feb 10 Wed 1415 airing on WRMI 9955: as usual gh ID fires about 1415, and WOR play starts at 1415:33, good. Also confirmed Wed Feb 10 at 2200 on WBCQ at about 7490.018-AM, and probably drifting slowly downward. Also barely confirmed at 0030 UT Thu Feb 11 on WBCQ 9330v-CUSB, but tonight it`s just barely audible, apparently at whims of the MUF, but overall should be improving as the sun sets later and later. WORLD OF RADIO 1812 monitoring: confirmed first SW broadcast underway at 1233 UT Thu Feb 11 check on WRMI 9955, good but with pulse jamming; tnx a lot, Arnie! How would you like it if the Yanquis jammed your DX program, either deliberately or thru negligence? The fortunate Cubans have never needed to worry about that, tnx to American ideals. Also confirmed Thu Feb 12 at 2100 on WRMI 7570, but only a poor signal (while 15770 with other programming is much better now, as we have crossed the threshold of LUHF trumping azimuth --- 7570 is aimed right at us but getting more and more absorbed, yet 15 MHz aimed sidewise overcomes by being closer to the MUF). [*] (Hauser, OK)

9965.30 EGYPT. Feb 12 at 0110, R. Cairo is S9+ but just barely modulated, and with Doppler flutter --- also applying to many other signals as the ionosphere is jittery (Hauser, OK)

11499.925 approx. TAIWAN. Feb 11 at 1435, very poor signal in Chinese, and listed by Aoki on 11500 only as one of countless Sound of Hope 100-watt nuisance transmitters available over very long hours, but it`s surely somewhat more than that. Yet being off-frequency, more likely this than a CNR1 jammer. At 1437 brief QRM from US-military sounding SSB, how copy? Probably closer to 11500, but nothing further heard from him (Hauser, OK)

11580 U S A. Feb 8 at 1441, WRMI in fill-music loop, with Qur`an-sounding singing at the moment, 1442 into some Afro-pop. It seems the 13-15 bihour is a good time to enjoy the WRMI FML without interruption by programming, except on Sundays when there is some religionism other than Overcomerism [+] Feb 11 at 1326, this WRMI frequency is in BS rather than fill-music which was being heard a few days ago in the 13-15 apparent gap in TOM usage (and of course, immediately outdating what I said about that on WOR 1812) [+] 11580, Fri Feb 12 at 1401, WRMI is back to fill-music loop instead of BS on this frequency, S9 but a bit of modulation distortion at peaks. At tune-in, sounds like Qur`an of all things, then to Afro pop, 1411 German, 1415 mbira, 1417 calypso, 1420 polka. I`ve asked Jeff to provide a playlist of the repetitive FML so we can identify the tunes more precisely, but I`m sure he has plenty to do without that task. At 1457 a bit of Arabic mentions Allah, 1500 sharp cut to BS who immodestly conceives of himself as a prophet superior even to Mohammed (Hauser, OK)

11600 BULGARIA. Bible Voice – Kostinbrod (P), 1702, 2/13/16, in Farsi. Man announcer at some length, musical bridge of Persian music to same man. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

11625 VATICAN CITY. Vatican Radio-Santa Maria di Galleria, at 2025, on 9 Feb. A male announcer is speaking in English about an election for president of the world soccer federation. This was followed by a station ID and then the interval music for VR. Good. (Cooper, PA)

11630 CHINA. CNR 17 – Lingshi (P), 0138, 2/10/15, in Kazakh. Man talking at some length. Poor. (Taylor – WI)

11635 TAIWAN. Radio Taiwan International heard at 2244 on 2/8/16. a man speaking in Mandarin. Poor. (Brossell, WI).

11670 INDIA. AIR, 1845 UTC, Feb 13 2016. English programming of songs. Excellent until Radio Havana Cuba came on at 1900 UTC. // 13695 kHz and 9950 kHz both weak. (Delmage, AB)

11695 CHINA & KUWAIT. Both CNR 1 jammer and Radio Free Asia target, 0141, 2/10/16, CNR in Mandarin, RFA in Tibetan. CNR jammer on top with woman announcer // 11600 jammer. Music with male announcer under from RFA. A mess. (Taylor – WI)

11719.70 ARGENTINA. RAE-General Pacheco, at 0325, on 9 Feb. A female announcer is talking in (P) English as listed. The audio is very poor and I am unable to identify the language at this time. JBA. (Cooper, PA)

11735 TANZANIA. ZBC Radio Zanzibar-Dole, at 2007, on 9 Feb. An instrumental song is playing with drums, flutes, and an African beat. The same song is still on 30 minutes later which leads me to believe the station is not transmitting regular programming but is just playing (P) interval music on a loop. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

11765 BRAZIL. Super Radio deus e Amor, 0501, Feb 8 2016. full station ID in Portuguese followed by religious songs. Fair (Delmage, AB)

11764.70 BRAZIL. Super Radio Deus e Amor-Curitiba, at 0320, on 9 Feb. A male announcer was talking in a loud voice. This was followed by a new male speaker talking. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

11780 BRAZIL. Radio Nacional Brazilia-Brazilia, at 0315, on 9 Feb. A song with a male singer was playing with two male announcers speaking over the music. There were several station ID’s given by a male announcer. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

11810 SOUTH KOREA. KBS World Radio – Kimje (P), 0142, 2/13/16, in Spanish. Program of mellow vocal music with woman announcer. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

11860 OPPOSITION. Feb 9 at 1430, very weak signal from R. Sana`a! Not rechecked until 1455, as during this semihour the Tuesday following the first Wednesday of the month is KOSU`s `The Living Room` interview, this time with the OKC police chief and a subordinate. Then I realize this doesn`t sound like R. Sana`a at all --- none of the familiar music bits and exhortations, not even sure it`s Arabic, ergo, R. Sana`a is gone and I`m getting the station it normally covers up starting at 1430, VOA Radio Ashna, in Pashto, 250 kW, 70 degrees via KUWAIT (and switching to Dari at 1500). I quickly scan the entire 11 and 13 MHz bands for a new Sana`a frequency, but none found. Propagation seems to be normal or even above normal judging from other signals heard. Finally circa 1512, Sana`a cuts back on 11860 with Arabic talk, so it was just an outage. It`s at usual level of S9+10, still at 1535. [+] Feb 8 at 1445 I start monitoring R. Sana`a continuously in case some Call To Prayer should appear. First, heavy music and exhortations, bit of a distressed child`s voice; 1454 the vamping music with ``mission statement``; song past 1502, finally talk at 1506 past 1508, so it seems the CTP exercise in piety is a past-thing. I wonder if the Sunni and Shia disagree too about the importance of broadcasting them. By now the <> calculated sunsets have progressed to 1504 UT in Sana`a and Aden; the change is slowing so that it will take another month to laten by 6-8 minutes [+] Feb 10 at 1417, R. Sana`a with loud ME music at S9+20; 1424 ``Allahu Akhbar``, and a brief speech with echo effect, background music, mentions Adan; 1425 back to music, song. Feb 11 at 1410, R. Sana`a, very good S9+20 in Arabic, mostly talk instead of music today, M&M studio conversation past 1424. From *1430 lite QRM from IBB KUWAIT underneath, which has stuck to its original frequency for Afghanistan despite this Yemeni business nearby. By 1456, now martial music, 1501 talk and still no call-to-prayer in next few minutes. [*][+] Feb 12 at 1356, Republic of Yemen Radio (which seems to be more like the ID in Arabic), is unusually weak today at S3-6. By 1458 it`s up to usual S9+10, but deep fades to S8, with its familiar theme music, 1501 switch to YL in Arabic talk. Today it`s equal S9+10 to 11825 WRMI, but that has less fading. Trying to explain how I get such a strong signal here, Wolfgang Büschel is also suggesting now that it could be a narrow long-path route from Saudi Arabia across the Indian Ocean, Antarctica, Pacific. Expanse and quality of this opening should be gradually shifting with the seasons and there are signs of that already (Hauser, OK)

11860 CLANDESTINE to Yemen. Radio Sana’a, (via SAUDI ARABIA (P), at 1410, on 12 Feb. The station has a male speaker talking. Later in the BC it sounded like a (P) new male speaker came on. Although there are other anecdotal reports in the mid-Western USA about this stations location, and its signal strength being high, it is not coming in to good at this QTH when checked on multiple days. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

11865 THAILAND. BBC-Nakhon Sawan, at 1245, on 12 Feb. A male announcer is talking in English about news stories from Russia and Ukraine. A female announcer came on and started talking about England. A male announcer came on and talked about a web address but the audio was poor so I could not copy it. A female announcer came on and talked about England again with an interview of Ozzie Osborne from Black Sabbath. A male speaker came on and said that was all from the “Horror Hour?” A BBC WS station ID was given by the female announcer with the station going off the air at 1300. There was no scheduled transmission on this frequency that I saw with BBC Thailand being the closest frequency that was listed for 11895 from 1200-1300 UTC which was not broadcasting. Fair-Poor. (Cooper, PA)

11915 GERMANY. Bible Voice, 1706, 13/13/16, in Arabic. Man talking at length. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

11935 BRAZIL. RB2-Curituba, at 0230, on 9 Feb. A male announcer gave two station ID’s along with a female speaker, and a male announcer speaking. This was followed by a male announcer talking and then a song playing with a male singer. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

12015 NORTH KOREA. Voice of Korea-Kujang, at 2000, on 9 Feb. A song with a female choir is singing an operatic sounding song. A male announcer came on and spoke in Spanish as listed, followed by a new song. Fair-Poor. (Cooper, PA)

12025 INDIA (GOA). AIR – GOS – Panji (P), 1708, 2/13/16, in Hindi. Program of South Asian music with woman announcer. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

12035.025 TURKEY. Feb 8 at 1428, V. of Turkey IS, ID in unknown language but probably Kazakh, and stays on 12035+ thru accurate timesignal at 1430 and opening in presumed Kazakh. Still on 12035+ past 1437, so the poor Kazakhs are missing their service on 9785, as yet again the Emirler operator has been asleep at the switch, failing to make the change to 9785 a few minutes before 1430. When they are really on 9785, VOT should announce that listeners should check 12035 if they don`t hear anything on 9785; yeah, right [+] 12035, Feb 11 at 1425, TRT IS is only S5-S9, as I`m comparing it unfavorably to Yemen (non) on 11860, so I stay tuned a while to see if they make the QSY in time today. 1426 ID in presumed Kazakh, the next language after 1330 English; off at 1427* so I retune to 9785 to find a very weak algo, until *1428 VOT cuts on about a minute after leaving 12035, resuming IS at only S4-S8, with SAH from the understation, which per Aoki is CNR8 Korean service, 100 kW, 63 degrees from Beijing site 12035, Feb 14 at 1427, VOT IS at S5-7, then periodic IDs in unknown language, presumably Kazakh which is next on the schedule after 1330 English, but not on this frequency. 12035 keeps going past 1430 accurate timesignal and opening Kazakh, until chopped off at 1430:33*. Meanwhile, the poor Kazakh audience is only hearing China on 9785, like I am; until VOT cuts on with stronger but still inadequate signal here, at *1432:43. It`s slightly offset from China, starting a double het against the BFO. The tardiness could be, and has been worse by the sloppyrators at Emirler (Hauser, OK)

12035 TURKEY. Voice of Turkey-Emirler, at 1400, on 12 Feb. A song sung in Turkish was playing. This was followed by a Voice of Turkey station ID by a male announcer in English as listed. A new song sung in Turkish came on next. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

12060 CUBA. Feb 12 at 0039, pulse jamming is very poor but obvious, second harmonic bleeding out of the pileup on 6030 against Martí (Hauser, OK) See also PERU [and non]

12075 VATICAN CITY. VOA Radio Ashna-Santa Maria di Galleria, at 1540, on 14 Feb. A male and a female announcer were talking to another male as if they were interviewing him. The listed language is Dari. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

12075 KUWAIT. Radio Azadi (Radio Free Afghanistan), at 1400, on 12 Feb. A male announcer is presenting news headlines along with news clips in English that are translated into (P) Dari as listed. A female speaker came on and spoke followed by the male announcer again. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

12085 AUSTRALIA. Radio Australia-Shepparton, at 1350, on 12 Feb. A male announcer is interviewing a female speaker about her career as a Psychologist. This was followed by an ABC Radio promo for the station. Good. (Cooper, PA)

13590 SAO TOME. VOA-Pinheira, at 1950, on 9 Feb. A female announcer is talking in very slow annunciated English about a Saturday Night Live skit in reference to the Republican debate recently. A male announcer than came on and talked about travel to Cuba by Americans. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

13590 SRI LANKA. VOA-Iranawila, at 1345, on 12 Feb. A male announcer is talking to another male speaker in (P) Pashto as listed. A VOA station ID was given followed by a musical interlude and then back to talking. Poor. (Cooper, PA)

13640 INDIA. AIR-Bengaluru, at 1947, on 9 Feb. An instrumental song is playing with several sitars playing. This was followed by a female announcer speaking in French as listed. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

13640 INDIA. AIR – GOS – Bengeluru (P), 1712, 2/13/16, in Farsi. Program of South Asian music with male announcer. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

13695 FRANCE. Radio France International-Issoudun, at 1940, on 9 Feb. Two female announcers are talking back and forth with each other. You can hear AIR underneath with a song playing and then a male announcer speaking in English before the sign off at 1945. A male announcer came on RFI and spoke in French as listed. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

13745 THAILAND. Radio Thailand-Udon, at 0040, on 10 Feb. A female announcer is talking about Thailand as being a tropical paradise and to come visit. There is heavy QRM from 13740 RHC, so I am using USB setting. Several Thai nationals are being interviewed on what they would like to see in their country. The female announcer stated that Thailand is ranked 26th in the world as a popular country. Fair-Poor. (Cooper, PA)

13830 IRAN. VOIRI, Ahwaz, 1411-1414. Talk in Dari by a woman, occasionally joined by a man. Weak signal with minor fading. 2/7/2016 (Evans - TN)

15120 ASCENSION. VOA relay heard at 2137 on 2/12/16. talks by a man in listed Bambara. Good. (Brossell, WI).

15140 OMAN. Royal Sultanate of Oman-Thumrait, at 2040, on 11 Feb. A female announcer is talking along with a male announcer. A brief musical bridge was followed by more talking by both announcers, than a song played sung by several male singers. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

15150 GERMANY. Adventist World Radio - Nauen relay heard at 1522 on 2/12/16. talks by a man in listed Punjabi. Fair. (Brossell, WI).

15215 SRI LANKA. Deutsche Welle, Trincomalee, 1407-1409. Talk in Pashto by a man. Weak signal with some fading. 2/7/2016 (Evans - TN)

15400 ASCENSION ISLAND. BBC-Ascension, at 1930, on 9 Feb. A BBC Program promo is playing for a musical series on Motown music. A female announcer came on and gave a BBC station ID followed by a male speaker talking. BBC news followed. Good. (Cooper, PA)

15480 GERMANY. AWR-Nauen, at 1320, on 12 Feb. Two female announcers are talking in (P) Mandurian as listed. They talked back and forth to each other until 1322 when a loud electronic noise came on that sounding like jamming? Fair. (Cooper, PA)

15480 MADAGASCAR. AWR-Talata, at 1020, on 9 Feb. A song with male and female singers is playing. This was followed by a male speaker talking in Arabic as listed, and a new male announcer who gave a station ID along with addresses. A female announcer came on and spoke next. Good. (Cooper, PA)

15505 MALI. CRI relay heard at 2240 on 2/8/16. talks by a man in Mandarin. Poor. (Brossell, WI).

15510 THAILAND. BBC-Nakhon Sawan, at 1315, on 12 Feb. A skit is being played with a male and a female speaker talking in (P) Uzbek. There was a musical interlude with Middle Eastern type music played followed by a new male announcer talking. Fair. (Cooper, PA)

15580 BOTSWANA. VOA-Moepeng Hill, at 1905, on 9 Feb. A female announcer is talking to a live feed into the station who is speaking about the primary elections today in New Hampshire. She talked about Donald Trump, his language, and how people are just getting used to it. Good. (Cooper, PA)

15750 IRAN. VOIRI, Zahedan, 1415-1418. Talk in Arabic by a man. Very weak signal with minor fading. 2/7/2016 (Evans - TN)

21675 U S A. Feb 8 circa 1443, WRMI is barely audible, but sure sounds like Brother Scare; 1719 UT recheck, now 21675 is good, much better than synchronized // 15770 and 11825. So what`s become of Radio Africa Network? RAN was also carrying BS but supposedly from 1000 until stopping at 1400. So did WRMI or RAN fail to make the switch, or is RAN gone? [+] Feb 8 circa 1443 UT check, very poor WRMI signal, but sounds like Brother Scare instead of Radio Africa Network. RAN supposedly carries BS until 1400, then own programming. Ivo Ivanov later confirms it`s still BS on 21675 past 1500 and 1600. Mistake or replacement? By the time I check Feb 9 at 1947, 21675 is back to non-BS programming. BTW, some days after 2200 they run old-time-radio secular episodes (Hauser, OK)

[*] DXLD; Full report available at <> DX Listening Digest Edition # 16-05 – 16-06 (forthcoming) [ED.]


Contributor / Editor Comments:

Note to DXer’s from John Cooper:

Dr. Edgar Madrid at Radio Verdad 4055 GUATEMALA has asked all DXer’s to e-mail him at<> reception reports for Radio Verdad at different times of the day due to the station testing a new type of technology. There are no set times that he stated. It would be nice if our esteemed DXer’s would just send reports of what they hear to him, not unsubstantiated opinions about the technology being applied or not, as that is not what he is asking for. Dr. Madrid has always been helpful with QSL’s to those that send the station reception reports with his station being one of the few left that send a pennant with the QSL package. Thanks in advance. (Cooper, PA) [See also comment from Glenn Hauser last week in #724 – Ed.]



Bob Brossell Pewaukee, WI. Equipment; JRC NRD-545 (Godar DXR-1000 antenna); Eton E1; Sony ICF SW77.

J. Cooper, Lebanon, PA-Equipment: Winradio-G33DDC, CommRadio CR-1a, GAP-Hear It-In Line Module, Wellbrook ALA-1530S+, Wellbrook ALA1530LNPro

Mick Delmage, Alberta. Equipment: Perseus SDR and Collins HF 2050; Wellbrook Loop and KLM 7-30 MHz Log Periodic

Jim Evans Germantown, TN. Equipment: IC-R75, CR-1a, Perseus, ICF-SW7600G, PL-660, Random Wire, ALA-100M.

Glenn Hauser Enid, Oklahoma. Equipment: NRD 545, IC-R75, FRG-7, DX-398/ATS-909, YB-400, ICF SW07, Tecsun PL 880, random wires

Chris Lobdell Tewksbury, MA. Equipment; Eton E1, JRC NRD-525; G5RV Dipole.

Mark Taylor, Madison, Wisconsin. Equipment: Perseus, SDRPlay, Eton e1, Grunding Satellit 800, Sangean 909X w/ clear mod, and various other portables; 40 meters dipole, 100’ long wire, Flextenna.

Robert Wilkner , Pompano Beach FL. Equipment: 746Pro, Drake R8, NRD 52,-Sony 2010XA.


"Here, outside in the night air, all was quiet. Silence -- and yet one felt the mystery of these invisible waves, the miracle of the hidden voices, sweeping out through the night."

~ Journalist Leslie Baily ~ 1925

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