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Mosquito Coast DX News - March 26 2016 -

     Mosquito Coast DX News - March 26  2016 -

        Tropical rain and thunderstorm returned to southeastern Florida this fortnight. Conditions on the Tropical Band have been very poor Distant thunderstorm heard over most signal below five Megs. Trusting for some improvement in April.
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Note: 6105.3 Bolivia, Radio Panamericana, La Paz seems active occasionally  when relaying Bolivian  sports events. in the local evenings 2300+

2485  Australia,  VL8K Katherine NT  0945 to 1000 strong carrier with weak occasional om chat audio on 24 March (Wilkner)

3200 TWR (Manzini) 0403-0410+ 14 March. Surprisingly good in GM //4775 w/ inspirational chat/contemporary Christian songs.  (Dan Sheedy)

3290  Guyana, Voice of Guyana,  0725 to 0730 with om ments de Guyana and ID fair to  poor signal  on 24 March;….   0900 mention of Guyana through thunderstorm crackle  then om with religious programing  0910 .fair to signal 26 March. (Wilkner)

3310 Bolivia, Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba  0935 with yl chat in Quechua to 0940, difficult signal with fades  24 March (Wilkner)

3375   Brasil,   Radio Municipal, 1030, M in PT commentary, weak signal but held steady March 20   (XM)

3912 South Korea “Voice of the People” Goyang, South Korea 0940 to 0955  with yl in Korean with parallel signal on 6518, ~ 24 March (Wilkner)

4747.53   Perú, Radio  Huanta 2000 Huanta Ayacucho  2330 to 2340 om chat with clear ID at 2335 ~ 21 March (Wilkner

4747   Peru,   Radio  Huanta, 1042, only a carrier, but steady, March 20   (XM)

4785 Brasil, Radio Caiari, Porto Velho, RO  1016 to 1023  in Portuguese, with clear strong signal, om chat  1017, second om at 1018,into music 1020 then vocal music 1023 ~ 24 March (Wilkner)

4910  Australia, VL8T Tennant Creek  0820 weak audio noted with carrier off/lost at 0830 ~ 26 March (Wilkner)

4885   Brasil, Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, PA 0820 to 0839 with music om chat in Portuguese. Only Brasil station heard on sixty meters  at 0830  on  26 March (Wilkner)

4925   Brasil,   Radio Rural, 1033, I think this may have signed on at 1030 because there were no earlier traces of it, appeared to be commentary, threshold to poor, but some actual audio getting through March 20   (XM)

4925 Brasil, Radio Educacao from tefe Brazil at 1045 GMT in Portugese on  with fair signals and slowly fading with ID by om at 1100 UTC. March 22 (Ron Trotto)

5875 Radio Thailand heard with their interval signal of gongs then a male with the ID and language into Laotian at 1130 GMT  with fair signals. March 22  (Ron Trotto)

5020 unID 1508-35 15 March. Possibly SIBC running late w/ pop music just breaking the noise floor.  (Dan Sheedy)

5855 RFA (Tinian) 1530+ 15 March. About 40/60 mixing with the NK pulse jammer this morning. (Dan Sheedy)

5910 Radio Lead Africa Media (Meyerton) 0352-0358* 14 March. Good signal--interview w/ Ugandan opposition speaker taking phone calls..abruptly off mid-sentence ("and here is the difference..") during an answer to a question about similarities between Uganda/Kenya/Tanzania politics. *0259-0316, 0331-0358* 21 March. Long guitar-based instrumental opening followed by "local" group song, recorded speech in EG (low modulation, tough to collect much info) to 0316 tune-out, retune @ 0331-0358* w/ Q&A until 0350 then possible contact info (FaceBook) & what sounded like a sked ("6 AM, 7 AM, meterband, shortwave") & off mid-word. (Dan Sheedy)

5952.41  Bolivia Pio XII, Siglo Veinte  1005 in lsb om in Spanish under thunderstorm racket, yl at 1012 at 1014 both yl and om , fading and fair signal  24 March (Wilkner)

6003.0  South Korea,  Echo of Hope  Goyang,Gyeonggi-do at 0830 to 0840 Korean,  best in lsb to avoid jamming or other interference ~26 March (Wilkner)

6050 Ecuador HCJB, Pichincha 0830 sign on, into religious programming 0835,fair signal 26 March (Wilkner)

6055 VOIRI (Kamalabad) (T) 0224-0307+ 21 March. Zippy dance tune starting a bit earlier than listed *0230, Qur'an recitation from 0241-0300+ & sinking rapidly after TOH. (Dan Sheedy)

6070  Canada CFRX Toronto  1100 “Downtown Toronto…Good Morning it is 7 am …”  25 March (Wilkner)

6134.85lsb Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz 2330 to 2340 om clear IDs  21 March (Wilkner)

6135.15usb  Seemingly ~ Brasil, Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP with poor signal strength and garbled, Portuguese  21 March (Wilkner)

6160 Canada CKZN St. Johns  2330 “ St Johns election data process …”  2340 “everybody involved needs to voice their opinion “    21 March (Wilkner)

6215 V24/"The Parrot" [S. Korean #s station], *1500-09* 17 March. K-pop song ("Shouldn't Have.." by Baek A. Yeon) to open followed by KR # groups..& big thanks to  for not only the song/sked info but the apparent xmtr site as well (also used for VOH 4885/6250). (Dan Sheedy)

6370 SOH 1516-31+ 16 March. Really weak w/ usual M/W chat w/ orchestral sounder between some parts of the conversation..//9180 (fair). (Dan Sheedy)

6676U HSD [Bangkok VOLMET] 1510-18* 16 March. Fair w/ weather/sea conditions for SEAs airports (Thailand, Viet Nam, etc.)  (Dan Sheedy)

6925.1 Solar-Centric [NA pirate] 0140-0150* 21 March. Long sermon-ish story, "Happy Equinox 2016..from Solar-Centric", "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" song from The Ren & Stimpy Show, another ID & off.  (Dan Sheedy)

7130-LSB [ham]  FY5HB 0315 12 March. Op Said in French Guiana working Europeans.  (Dan Sheedy)

7395 CRI (Urumqi) 1535+ 14 March. Chinese & world economic news in EG //7325/5995.  (Dan Sheedy)

9860 Firedragon [Chinese music jammer] 1708+ 20 March. Loud v. (unheard) RFA's 17-20 CH broadcast.  (Dan Sheedy)

11665 Wai FM/Sarawak FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1522-1629* 14 March. Wai FM quite enjoyable w/ programme of ML/EG "old school" style C&W songs (BeeGees, Olivia Newton-John, Hank Williams, Hank Locklin) up to 1600, then Sarawak FM //9835 with ML MoR/pop until 1629* mid-song--late for 11665, they usually shut down around 1601-04.  (Dan Sheedy)

11860    CLANDESTINE (Saudi Arabia) Radio Republic of Yemen, 1332, anthem into commentary in Arabic by man, poor but mostly intelligible signal March 20   XM

13645 CNR1 [jammer] 1450-1500* 17 March. Sked for Su only v. VOA's 14-15 Cantonese broadcast, but CNR1 on today as well..//13665 mixing 40/60 w/ VOA in Cantonese (sked Tu/Th/Sa 14-15). (Dan Sheedy)

14260-USB [ham]  TX7EU 0215 12 March. Nice to hear "DXpedition Marquesas 2016" from Nuku Hiva (IOTA OC-027) working an enthusiastic pile-up calling on 14265.  (Dan Sheedy

15400 R. Tamazuj (Issoudun) 1527-30* 14 March. Closing programme w/ ID/sked in (p) Sudanese, nice percussion fill music..//13800 (Talata-Volonondry) & 15545 (Santa Maria di Galeria) who switch to R. Dabanga programming @ 1630. (Dan Sheedy)

15745 AWR (Trincomalee) 1523-28* 18 March. Closing Nepali service w/ neat "girl-group" style song, AWR p/email addresses + mobile phone #, 2-4 second song "blip" & off.  (Dan Sheedy)

15790 BBC (Talata-Volonondry) *1630+ 14 March. Flute intro/outro for opening ID/info in (p) Kinyarwanda, 5+1 pips, followed by news. Also *1630 15 March & still weak but audible.  (Dan Sheedy)

17560 R. Saudi/Holy Qur'an (Riyadh) 1608-20 14 March. Commentary & recitations //13710 (with a window-rattling signal this morning...'560, not so much).  (Dan Sheedy)
Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA
G5/6m X wire
Ron Trotto,  Waggoner, Illinois
Grundig Satelit 800,
XM -  Cedar Key -  Florida
NRD525D  - R8A - E5
Robert Wilkner
Pompano Beach,  Florida
746Pro - Drake R8  NRD 525 -Sony 2010XA

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