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Mosquito Coast DX News


Mosquito Coast  DX News ~    21 May   2016

      Last fortnight with very poor conditions, scattered thunderstorms and increasing heat and humidity. A bit of work on the antennas. Bob  

3289.9    Guyana,   V of Guyana, 0806, poor, mostly unintelligible signal (May 8, 2016)  (XM)

3289.95  Guyana, Voice of Guyana 2330 to 2344  partial ID or ment de Guyana, also brief mention of health issues?  Marginal signal. 19 May (Wilkner)

3325  Papua New Guinea - NBC Bougainville tent. heard in unid language at 1039  with a female with tk signal was weak but gradually got stronger at 1055 om with tk then noise set in and gone at 1100  5-18   (Trotto)

3375.1 Brasil, Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira  2330 to 0010 with om talk and brief music,  fading 19/20 May (Wilkner)

3310 Bolivia Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba 0115 to 0123 yl in Quechua, possibly brief music bridge and second announcer, marginal signal at best  17 May (Wilkner)

4747.5  Perú, Radio  Huanta 2000 Huanta Ayacucho 2330 to 2340 om and yl under extreme CODAR  19 May (Wilkner)

4785 Brasil, Radio Caiari, Porto Velho, RO 1020 to 1035 om with comments in PT signal fading out 17 May (Wilkner)

4805 Brasil Radio Difusora do Amazonas,Manaus 1015 with long talk in Portuguese, no music to 1030 fade out   17 May (Wilkner)

4875.08  Brasil, Rdif Roraima, Boa Vista RR 0055 om in Portuguese with brief music —**at 0113 Two ARO’s on frequency discussing poor band conditions below 3 Megs  AROs gone at 0116—-** then back to Brasilian music and chat to 0130  17 May (Wilkner)

4925.2 Brasil,    Radio Educação Rural, Tefé, AM  2250 to 2310 om  chat and  music bridge. Fading in  19 May (Wilkner)

4940 VoS (Fuzhou) 1315-40+ 14 May. Fair w/ (p) CH opera [Fire Dragon-style + singing & chat], since I rarely listen pre-1400 to VoS, I wonder if this is "regular" Saturday evening programme..W DJ @ BOH breaking up the arias. On 16 May, however, quick checks @ 1245, 1310 had VoS back to regular CH pops.  (Dan Sheedy)

5965 Shiokaze/Sea Breeze (Yamata) 1304, 1335 16 May. Good in CH to :30 then KR with NK pulse jammer mostly in the background.  (Dan Sheedy)

5952.4  Bolivia Pio XII, Siglo Veinte 0115 to 0121 signal being hammered by co-channel, very narrow filter 1.1,  yl with some Spanish, also noted 1020 to 1030 with similar co channel issues. Both on  17 May (Wilkner)

6134.85 Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz 0117 to 0133 with several IDs by om, ments de Santa Cruz  and Bolivia and brief  enjoyable music  17 May (Wilkner)

6070  Canada CFRX Toronto 0017 - 0019 “go to our web site today or tomorrow” commercial message 17 May (Wilkner)

6160 Canada CKZN St Johns  0100 to 0133 with news items regarding bridge problem 17 May(Wilkner)
6174 Peru - Radio Tawantinsuyo tentive hrd at 1022 utc 6.174 mhz in spanish with om with talk   5-18  (Trotto)

7295    Russia,   Radio Sakha (Yakutia), presumed, 0803+, threshold level signal, coming in in "waves," similar to the effect often hd with Russian Far Eastern stations in the past, nothing hd on //7345, on 0840 recheck nothing on either frequency, on 0942 recheck carrier noted on 7345 but nothing on 7295 (May 8, 2016).  Transmitters at Tulagino, a suburb of the Sakha Republic's capital at Yakutsk.  7295 is supposedly 250 kw and 7345 100kw.  Apparently runs an extended schedule on weekends, so it is possible to hear them after 0900 at that time.   (XM)

6180 RNB 0125+ 7 May. Fair-OK w/ musica sertaneja [PY country tunes] //11780..wonder how long they'll hang about on 49M this time?  (Dan Sheedy)

7200 Myanmar R. (Yangon) 1306-44 14 May. unhrd before 1300* of  RTI/CNR1(jammer) [tho RTI sked to 1400 in Aoki]..poor/fair in BU w/ W DJ/light MOR-ish BU pop & IADs gumming up the reception..chat across BOH & sinking past :44. A short listen on 16 May @ 1305+ had MR back with BU "country" style tunes & CNR1 echo-jam/RTI mash-up still closing @ 1300.  (Dan Sheedy)

7345 Thazin R. (Pyin U Lwin) 1255-1329* 14 May. Looking for NVK Sakha, but settled for Thazin w/ MOR BU pop, instrumental in/out w/ chat across TOH & closing @ 1329*..listed language 1230-1330 is Shan, but 'way too weak to distinguish it f/ "regular" BU as heard on MR. Alas, CNR1 back on 16 May @ 1246-1335 check w/ Thazin 'way in the background.  (Dan Sheedy)

7350 CNR11 (Baoji-Sifangshan) 1255+ 14 May. "Crash-bang" + singing (very similar to what was on VoS)..sked *1300 in TB, but heard well before TOH..sked to 1400 in TB then dialects to 1600, 1600-05* back to TB..*1259-1330+ 16 May. Trumpets & TB chat to open, no pips across TOH //9480 [which had an odd pulse/roar jamming noise until 1305], long chat in TB to 1320, then mostly CH-sounding tunes.  (Dan Sheedy)

9480 MWV/African Pathways (Mahajanga) 0433 16 May. Just caught the AP website info & a bit of sermonicity--noisy/weak but @ least it's audible @ 613. 0435-0457* 17 May. Much better (well..) today with contempo-Chr. hymns, "World Bible School" w/ free Bible study offer + contact info: http://www.africanpathways.org/ & a p-mail addr. in Harare, Zimbabwe, inspirational disc. w/ Nigerian national ministering in the US w/ website & Nashville, TN p-mail contact info, nice ID: "African Pathways Radio can be found on 9480 in (the?) 31 meter band..17640, 17 meter..", hymn-ish version of "Somewhere [there's a place for me]" & abruptly off. 0445-0452* 18 May. Same programming as 17 May (if not identical shows) w/ early closing @ :52.  (Dan Sheedy)

9680 VoHope (Lusaka, Zambia) 0458-0506+ 17 May. Thanks to Ray Robinson's info via Glenn Hauser, VoH heard poorly in the noise w/ ID/IS loop ("..Voice of Hope, Zambia..") & "Voice of Hope, broadcasting to all of Africa.." @ 0500 w/ freq., long hymn, quick announcement & more hymns. (Dan Sheedy)

9585 TWR (Manzini) *1454-1508+ 8 May. Loud w/ IS/ID loop & opening w/ sermon in Malagasy (lots of French crossover words)..CRI (Xian) starts the same time in JP, but never gets above a distant 2nd place.  (Dan Sheedy)

9650   North Korea   Voice of Korea, Kujang, 0817, threshold, presumed JP service (May 8, 2016)   (XM)

11665 Sarawak FM (via RTM Kajang) 1600-35+ 7 May. Another late-running day for S-FM w/ "usual" post-midnight-in-ML light pops & DJ chat.  (Dan Sheedy)

11795 BBC (Kranji) 1424-1430* 11 May. Fair in Hindi w/ news, correspondents' reports, "BBC" tags on most items & closing with "This is the BBC-there are no programmes on this channel at present..". (Dan Sheedy)

11870 RVA (Palauig-Zambales) 1450-1500* 10 May. Poor with EG sermon translated into (p) Telugu, closing hymn w/ maybe p-mail address, trumpet IS bracketing the ID. (Dan Sheedy)

15505 CNR1 (jammer) 1609+ 11 May. Fair-OK v. VOA in TB [sked 16-17 M-W-F]  & //11610 (v. RFA).  (Dan Sheedy)

11665 Wai FM (via RTM Kajang) 1252+ 16 May. Qu'ran recitations until :57 then back to regular programming..kind of a long session if this was the end of the Isha prayer (sked for 2028 Malaysian Time).  (Dan Sheedy)

11935 China - CRI heard in Russian at 1101  with fair signal 5-17 (Trotto)

11945 Philippines - Radio Veritas Asia heard in Manderin at 1106  with poor signals 5-17  (Trotto)

11695 Singapore - Radio Japan heard in English at 1120 with fair signal 5-17   (Trotto)

15450  Turkey - Voice of Turkey hrd in English 1253 - sign off 1320 with fair signal with rapid fading 5-19  (Trotto)

15575 South Korea - KBS world hrd in English at 1329  in English with fair to poor signal on  5-19  (Trotto)

16250  Taiwan - SOH xi Wang Zhi Sheng hrd 1334  in i believe cantonese with fair to poor signals on 5-19  (Trotto)

17398U Guangzhou Coastal Radio (t) 0503 17 May. Thanks to Ron Howard's tip, caught a bit of CH chat here..but not enough to do much with--sounded like #s, so perhaps weather/sea report. (Dan Sheedy)

Ron Trotto 
Grundig Satelit 800, Waggoner Illinois 
Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA using Bob Wilkner's ICF7600GR + 6m X wire [v. 2.0].
XM -  Cedar Key -  Florida
NRD525D  - R8A - E5 
Bob Wilkner
Pompano Beach, Florida
746Pro - Drake R8  NRD 525

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