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Some morning log

Some morning log of May 20, taken at 0450 to 0700 UT.

Used remote units in southern Germany, Doha Qatar, Zakynthos Greece,
Calabria Italy, Spain, Moscow Russia, MA-NJ-USA, Alberta-CAN,
and Vancouver Island CAN.

5829.987  USA  WTWW English, male singer, S=8 in soGermany, www address
          given, "SW Worldwide Bcasting" annmt at 0459 UT on May 20.

5875even  ASC  BBCWS English, at 0500 UT S=9+15dB here in Germany.
          BBC nx from Nigeria, 97 woman hostages rescued in West Africa.
          \\ 6005even fq, S=9+15dB in soGermany.

6035even  ASC  VoA Hausa sce to WeAF, S=9+15dB signal here in soGermany,
          Hausa nx reader at 0504 UT on May 20.

6040.015  TUR  VoTurkey Emirler, Turkish morning sce, S=9+20dB at 0506 UT
          modern light Turkish mx.

6089.858  NIG  Radio Nigeria Kaduna, progr in Hausa at 0508 UT, S=7-8 fair
          co-channel 6090even Caribbean Beacon Anguilla progr, equal
          signal level, but another 3rd stn underneath 6089.966 probably
          Brazilian Bandeirantes program?

6164.959  TCD  Radiodifusion National Tchadienne, N'Djamena, S=6 signal
          at 0511 UT, French male announcer, QRM 6165 kHz RHC Bauta
          in English even fq.

6180.026  BRA  Radio Nacional Amazonia Brazil, S=7-8 in soGermany at 0517
          but much stronger in MA-NJ-USA as S=9+15dB at 0720 UT,
          \\ 11780.006 kHz S=7-8 in MA-USA, at 0722 UT on May 20.
          Talk by both female and male anncr.

6135.048  BRA  Radio Aparecida BrasPortuguese, tiny S=5 signal in Europe,
          mx program at 0519 UT, pop singer, tx seems a little unstable
          like 2-3 Hertz wandered. BUT at 0529 UT BBC Hausa from ASC relay
          started on even 6135 kHz, though S=9+25dB more powerful !

5005even  UNID Very tiny poor signal string visible at 0521 UT, S=3

5051.095  UNID strong S=9+20dB carrier visible in 0450 to 0525 UT
          time range, wandered down to 5051.077 kHz then.

6159.971  CAN  Only one of the Canadian domestic stns on air this
          morning, S=4-5 -96dBm at 0531 UT in Spain remote unit.
          QRM by powerhouse ORF1 ORS Moosbrunn Austria at S=9+25dB
          Could not solve that, because also on Vancouver Island
          remote unit, the signal was not right strong as usual, ...
          remain a puzzle though ... which was on air, St.Johns or
          Vancouver main low land unit.

6119.955  BRA  SRDA poor S=5 or -92dB here in Spain Europe.
          TX not stable, varies some 2-3 Hertz up and down hops.

6070.003  VAT  Vatican Radio from Santa Maria di Galeria, morning
          Latin prayer, S=9+25dB powerhouse signal in Spain, but
          stable signal underneath across the Atlantic from
6069.986  CAN  CFRX Toronto nice signal at 0540 UT on May 20.
          Could follow the discussion on American Airline talk.

6060even  CUB  RHC Bauta program, not much strong here on this channel
          but suffered heavily by 220 Hertz hum buzz audio signal
          interference of Brazilian co-ch
6059.780  BRA  SRDA BrasPortuguese prayer at 0543 UT on May 20.

6049.997  LBR  Radio ELWA Monrovia Liberia, WeAF type mx noted on
          remote unit in Madrid Spain. Though weak S=4 signal just
          above the threshold level, but I could follow easily
          their program content.

17639.951 THA  Radio Thailand in English to CeAS, ME, and especially
          Russia target. Pop mx at 0556 UT, S=9+20dB in Doha Qatar
          remote unit. Long English language advertisement of the
          common ASEAN states, like "Welcome to Asia ...
          Coming together in Asia ... Trade, Travel, Culture ...
          The Future Is Here ....". Odd Udorn Thani frequency,
          TX off after the time pips of 06.00 UT, 2 seconds later.

15284.972 ARS  Radio Saudi Internat in Swahili language, odd fq
          of one of the older units, - or from Jeddah bcast center
          site? S=9+25dB signal in Doha Qatar remote unit, at 0605 UT.
          All Saudi program content has been modernisized recently,
          heard modern station ID jingle and trumpet music followed,
          anncmt by sweet female voice presenter.

15340even F    RFI Paris Hausa service, S=9+25dB at 0608 UT. Interview
          in Hausa about the 97 woman rescued matter in Nigeria.
          But heard also a strange bubble ditter signal underneath !?

15359.985 UAE  US Mashaal Radio in Pashto to AFG, S=9+10dB at 0610 UT
          odd fq of Al Dhabbaya relay TX gear. Something seemingly wrong
          with this unit, on SDR program screen only the lower side audio
          part was visible, the upper sideband audio missed - like
          deep notch cut ... strange

15380.058 ARS  BSKSA HQ Arabic prayer program noted at 0616 UT on May 20.
          S=9+40dB heard in Doha Qatar remote SDR receiver.

15420.124 UAE  Odd frequency signal of BBCWS English via Al Dhabbaya relay
          site, S=9+15dB at 0618 UT. Interview by BBC reporter to a
          Libyan-Arabic journalist, about battle fighting, and elect new
          Libyan government, migration people flood from all Africa,
          Islam State problem and interests, instability in Libya,
          at 0621 UT also noted \\ 13580 kHz S=8-9 signal from
          Madagascar relay site.

          Babcock uses excellent technical personell in Woofferton, Oman,
          Ascension Isl, and Thailand, - BUT the staff in Al Dhabbaya UAE
          is much different, and has a lower skill level, of professional
          knowledge,  -  I assume.

15750.007 IRN  VoIRIB Arabic sce, likely from Zahedan site, S=9+25dB,
          female guitar accompanied singer at 0627 UT on May 20. And
          sweet voice ID announcer, funny talk like sometimews heard on
          Japanese womans family discussion on NHK programs.

13600even OMA  Radio Sultanate Oman program, girls singer, drums, string,
          and flute instruments music played. S=6 sidelobe signal into
          soGermany at 0630 UT.

13635.017 TUR  TRT Emirler Turkish info program at 0632 UT, powerful
          S=9+25dB, talk about terrorists and Turkish parliament matter.

13725.051 F    RFI Issoudun English program sce at 0633 UT.
          Program "Inside This Week", migration and crime into Europe.
          Probably one of their INSTABLE txs at Issoudun site, odd
          frequency and audio feed line seems disturbed by woodpecker
          or hammer knocker in background.
          Mixed with an strange UTE RTTY signal too.

13780.008 IRN  VoIRIB Arabic from Sirjan site, S=5-6 only sidelobe into
          Germany at 0637 UT.

11985even F    RTA Algiers Arabic HQ prayer in progress at 0641 UT S=8-9
          sidelobe. But seems suffered also by UNDERNEATH bubble jamming
          sound - like on Saudi 15285v kHz transmission.

11750.024 TUR  TRT Emirler Turkish service, \\ 13635.017 and 11955.008.
          S=9+25dB at 0648 UT on May 20.
          Talk by male and female about 'championat'?

11880even AUT  AWR Arabic sce via ORS Moosbrunn powerhouse S=9+45, 300kW
          at 175degrees to all African Sahel zone. AWR stn ID annmt with
          piano play theme underneath. AWR web address given like awr.org

5829.987  USA  WTWW Gospel program at 0701 UT in English, noted as
          S=9+30dB signal in remote Vancouver CAN SDR receiver unit.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 20) via HCDX

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