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Mosquito Coast DX News - June 4 2016 -

Mosquito Coast DX News - June 4 2016 -

Poor reception in late May and early June. Warm and humid with thunderstorms here. Continued work on antennas with trust in improving conditions. rlw

3289.95 Guyana, GBC Voice of Guyana 2230 with music fading in 2 June: 2330 om “…and all the music” …2332 “…no that is not the same”…” 2348 “…send this again” seems to fade up from 2330 some days 3 June (Wilkner)

4055 Guatemala, Radio Verdad with chorale music 2350 and om chat later to 0000, surprisingly weak signal for this semi-local station. 3 June (Wilkner)

4747.5 Perú Radio Huanta 2000 Huanta Ayacucho 2340 to 2355 om en español, chat no music but CODAR on top mad listening unpleasant 3 June (Wilkner)

4805 Brasil Radio Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus 2325 to 2335 long talk in Portuguese by one announcer with weak alas steady signal 3 June (Wilkner)

4824.46t. Perú, La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos seemingly in Spanish with weak signal. Weak but consistent signal 2330 to 2345 1st and 3rd of June (Wilkner)

4949.71 Angola, Radio Nacional de Angola 2325 to 2340 recheck om in PT 3 June (Wilkner)

5910 Colombia Alcaraván Radio, Puerto Lleras 2330 to 2345 om with religious messages “El Señor repeated..” good signal - 3 June (Wilkner)

6010 Colombia La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras presumed 2340 to 2350 en español, om but very distorted signal , over modulated 3 June (Wilkner)

6190 La Voz Alegre (Mahajanga) 0217-0233 28 May. Inspirational chat & many IDs w/ p-mail addr. in Ft. Lauderdale & Havana + thanks to collaborators (including Florida National University--which I mis-IDed as Florida "International" University a few weeks ago--oops). Nice to have another entry in the Canadians/Christians/Commies crew on 49M. (Dan Sheedy)

6260 BVB (Tashkent) 1405-28* 27 May. Weak but clear with EG sermon (depressing, but no yelling, so that's a plus). Closing with Newmarket, ON p-mail addr. & mail@BVBroadcasting.org for emails. (Dan Sheedy)

9680 Unid, Voice of Hope, Lusaka, Zambia, suspected, 0150, a weak but steady carrier and occasional traces of a threshold level signal were about all I could get here, but given the absence of any competition for the freq I do suspect it is the Zambian. If I had gotten here about 50 minutes sooner it may have been much better, but this was a little late for that far east in Africa. (May 24, 2016) XM

9920 ALASKA KNLS 5/24 1340 EG/CH Christian pgm, good sig (Paszkiewicz-WI)

11665 Limbang FM/Wai FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1328-1406 26 May. Nice to hear the Th. 1315-1400 Limbang FM programme fairly clear with MOR-ish ML songs, long chat across :30 with infrequent "Limbang FM" mentions, more ML pops & "warta berita dari Limbang.." @ :58. TC @ 1400 & news from RTM-Kuching studios (or that's what the announcement sounded like) until :05 & Wai FM programming started with a nice long, singing jingle. (Dan Sheedy)

14247usb Crete - heard ARO SV9CVY calling CQ at 0215 on fair signals June 3 (Trotto)

14210 usb Cook Islands hrd ARO-E51-and with fair signals on working the states asked not to be put on the dx cluster June 3 (Trotto)

15180 North Korea voice of Korea was booming in last night in English from Pyonyang on 0442 June 3 (Trotto)

15255 Madagascar ?? D. Welle was also in with excellent signal to africa in english at 0514 June 3 (Trotto)

15315 FRANCE Sawtu Linjiila via Issoudun, May 23 1832-1900* discussion in Fulfulde, some Afr mx, IDs, addr in Cameroon (Paszkiewicz-WI)

15575 S KOREA KBS May 24 1305 EG discussion, good (Paszkiewicz-WI)

15505 Bangladesh Betar 1408-1429* 26 May. Surprised to find BB doing quite well (for them) w/ news in Urdu, BB External Service in EG @ :11 ("This is the External Service of Bangladesh Betar--in English, Nepali, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, and Bangla [with brief music clips from each of the services]..FM 90 megahertz, programmes for children, drama.." & back to Urdu chat with some EG phrases ["education sector, action committee, action programme"] & many mentions of Bangladesh Betar, zippy Urdu tunes just before closing announcement [with p/-e-mail addresses for the ES]. (Dan Sheedy)

- - - - -
Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach/Encinitas, CA PL380/6m X wire [v2.0])
Ron Trotto
Grundig Satelit 800, Waggoner Illinois
Sherry Paszkiewicz Manitowoc WI NRD-515 w/Eavesdropper

XM - Cedar Key - Florida
NRD525D - R8A - E5
Bob Wilkner
Pompano Beach, South Florida
Icom 746Pro - Drake R8 NRD 525 -Sony 2010XA -Noise reducing antenna - 60 meter dipole.

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