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Mosquito Coast DX News ~ 16 July 2016

        Improving conditions on the tropical bands. Thunderstorms and some infrequent rain in last week. 73,  Bob

1017 Tonga, A3Z, 0831, fair with island music, cochannel 2KY phased. (7 July David Sharp)

1170   Cuba,  Radio Guantanamo, Maisi, 1008, w/ instrumental mx pg, fair, //1070 Guantanamo, which was slightly weaker (July 10,    2016)  XM

1440 Radio Kiribati, 0815 with island vocals. SBS phased. Weaker signal than in the past even on a good propagation night. Running something less than full power? (16July  David Sharp)

2485  Australia,  VL8K Katherine NT   0907 om " investment in the star … range   ten years ago "  0910 "some of the things";  into second om, seemed an interview  to 1014. First opening this summer  14 July (Wilkner)

3289.95 XX  Guyana, Voice of Guyana , silent 14 to 16 July, No carrier heard  1000 and 2300 checked (Wilkner)

3310 Bolivia, Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba 0935 yl in Quechua 0955 om chat with UTE on top 16 July (Wilkner)

3375.1 Brasil,  Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira 0900 to 0915 om later with music, good signal 14 July (Wilkner)

4055 Guatemala, Radio, Verdad, 1150, fair with hymns. (9 July David Sharp)

4765.01 Tajik Radio, 1923, fair with local music. (8 July David Sharp)

4747.53 Peru, Huanta 2000, 1100+, good with huaynos. (5 July David Sharp)

4805 Brasil Radio Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus 0945 improved signal after silent for several days, om long talk in Portuguese;1013 recheck yl talking.  16 July (Wilkner)

4840 USA, WWCR, 0712, good with religious sermon, didn't stay with it. (4 July David Sharp)

4861.53  Unid  Brasil   Radio. Alvorada , Londrina PR 0940 to 1000, very weak Portuguese?  16 July (Wilkner)

4869.9  Unid. Indonesia RRI Wamena, Propinsi Papua 0950 to 1000 threshold signal 16 July (Wilkner)

4885   Brasil Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, PA 0943 om in Portuguese with strong signal to 0950 during band scan 16 July (Wilkner)

4949.76 RN de Angola, 1936, pleased to hear some audio today, fair with hilife. UTE high side. (8 July David Sharp)

4965 P.  Brasil,  Radio  Alvorada, Parintins 0944 weak om Portuguese  16 July (Wilkner)

4990 China, Hunan PBS (presumed), 1400, noted weakly with news or similar by W. (15 July David Sharp)

4990 Suriname, Radio Apintie, Paramaribo 0940 weak om in Dutch to 0950  16 July (Wilkner)

5010.97 Radio Malagasy, 1857, local ballad, ID by W at 1900, very warbly xmtr but decent (though still undermodulated) audio. (8 July David Sharp)

5015 USA, WRMI, 0706, noted in passing with Overcomer px, fair. (4 July David Sharp)

5024.95 Peru, R. Quillabamba, 1115, actually overtaking Rebelde with huaynos. (8 July David Sharp)

5025 Cuba, Rebelde, 0650, actually overtaking cochannel ABC during early fade-in, SP talk by M. (4 July David Sharp)

5040 Cuba, RHC, very early fade-in and first time heard here, in English and // 49m freqs. (4 July David Sharp)

5066.4 Democratic Congo, CANDIP, 1912, fair with hilife, bothered by UTE. (8 July David Sharp)

5952.5 Bolivia, Radio Pio Doce 0140 quite good once separated from Brother Scare on 5950 on  8 July (Paszkiewicz)

5995 Mali? 0600+, mostly just carrier, peaking around 0700 and gone by 0800 recheck. (4 July David Sharp)

6070 Canada, CFRX, 0720, rising above noise floor with EG discussion between M and W, fair on peaks. (4 July David Sharp)

6134.85 Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz 0050 to 0110 om with IDs on the hour, distorted signal on 6135.19 most likely the Brasilian. 16 July (Wilkner)

6180.02 Brazil, RNdeA, 0805, good w/ two PT M in conversation. (4 July David Sharp)

7750 UnID African, CUSB mode, 1748, talk by M, into HOA music. Somalia? ECSS option on NRD really brought it out of the mud. (15 July David Sharp)

9745 Radio Bahrain, CUSB, 2127, good with traditional AR music, talk by M after 2130. (9 July David Sharp)

9480 African Pathways Radio (Mahajanga) 0452-0456* 6, 7, 8 July. APR's low-key religious programming closes with Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy"--a nice change from the grim scenarios broadcast on some of the US religious stations.   (Dan Sheedy)

9515 R. Niger Delta/Voice of Peace (Issoudun) *0458-0510 2 July. Thanks to Ivo's info on the HCDX site, heard the 2nd day of RND/VoP (plus 6 & 7 July with slightly better signals). Local song to open, ID/frequency/phone & internet contact info, & mentioning "broadcasting from New York" [which on the 2nd, thanks to an "ear-or", i heard as "from Lagos.."--embarrassing? oh yes]. Initial log with rather poor signal overall, so nice to find them the next week doing a bit better.   (Dan Sheedy)

15068.4U   Italy,  Marconi Radio International, presumed, 1906, weak carrier only, also 7068.4U at 2004 with very weak carrier (July 9, 2016) XM

15240 WWRB *1559-1620+ 9 July. R. RSA IS, WWRB ID with ad for new clients (giving a 931 area code for contact), 30-45 seconds of dead air followed by segued African songs (CAf/Uganda pop?), IADs and some distortion on the audio as well, audio quit @ :17 & i tuned out @ :21.   (Dan Sheedy)

15240 unID (likely R. Munansi [via WWRB]) *1552-1630+ 10 July. OC @ tune-in, abrupt opening with long speech in (p) Luganda with many Uganda/Rwanda mentions--audio sounds like it's recorded over the telephone (compressed & hollow). Retune at 1658-1720 with probably the same speaker past TOH, "anthem" at :01, followed by long hymn-y "local" song, (p) opening remarks with clear R. Munansi ID (audio much better at this time), another "local" song past :17 & more (p) Luganda chat. Deep fading & possibly some IADs make this a pretty sketchy listening experience.  (Dan Sheedy)

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