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~ Mosquito Coast DX News - July 30 2016 ~

~ Mosquito Coast DX News - July 30  2016 ~

         Drought conditions here with two  storms to watch in the Atlantic. Tropical band conditions below average.   73  Robert 

 2850 KCBS (Pyongyang) 1253-1305+ 20 July. Very poor signal today with long KR chat across TOH (if there was an ID break, i didn't catch it).  (Dan Sheedy)

3289.95  Guyana, GBC Voice of Guyana silent ! 25 to 30 July (Wilkner)

3310 Bolivia Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba  2335 noted in Quechua with yl and fair to poor signal 29 July (Wilkner)

3375.1 Brasil  Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira  0927 om in PT; 1015 male vocalist, fair to good signal  30 July  (Wilkner)

4009.81  Kyrgyzstan, KGR1 noted in passing at 1653 with local music. Low modulation. 24 July (David Sharp).
 4055 Guatemala, R. Verdad, 1047, good with hymns. 23 July (David Sharp).

4747.5  Perú Radio  Huanta 2000 Huanta Ayacucho 2345 under CODAR om  dj to 2342.— 29 July (Wilkner)
 4747.48 Peru, Huanta Dos Mil, 1035, fair with huaynos. 23 July (David Sharp).

4760 Andaman Is, AIR Port Blair, 1700, noted in passing with talk by a man, low modulation. 29 July (David Sharp).
 4765.01 Tajik Radio, 1840, noted in passing with local music. 23 July (David Sharp).

4774.94 Peru, Radio Tarma, presumed with mensajes by a woman, bothered by CODAR. 23 July (David Sharp).

4774.91 Perú, Radio Tarma,  1010 to 1045  with Peruvian music om dj,   weaker than normal  signal after seemingly silent for previous two days. 30 July (Wilkner)
 4810 Armenian Radio, 1826, very good with local vocals, talk by a woman. 23 July (David Sharp). 

 4810 India, AIR Bhopal (presumed), 1715, mixing with Armenia. 24 July (David Sharp)..
 4845 Brazil, Radio Cultura? Noted at 1100 with very low audio, almost an open carrier. 23 July (David Sharp).
 4865 Brazil, Radio Verdes Florestas, 1053, noted in passing with hymns or similar, good. 23 July (David Sharp).
 4885 Brazil, Radio  Clube do Para, 0925, fair with talk by a Portuguese man. 24 July (David Sharp). 

 4895 India, AIR Kurseong, 1707, strong with local music. 24 July (David Sharp).

4915  Brasil Radio Daqui  Goiânia, GO 2330 to 2336 noted with tenor vocalist Brasil Pops 29 July (Wilkner)
 4925.19 Brazil, R. Educacao Rural, 1030, presumed and noted in passing with Portuguese man. Fair. 23 July (David Sharp)..
 4940, UnID, 2000+, not China but someone else threshold. Mostly just talk by a man and this was deep in the mush. Not Voice of the Strait, which is normally heard on this freq. 23 July (David Sharp).
 4949.74 Angola, R. Nacional, 1859, drum fanfare or similar, pips and into lengthy news by a woman. Low modulation. 23 July (David Sharp).
 4955 Peru, R. Cultural Amauta, 1107, talk by man, into huaynos, fair. 23 July (David Sharp).

4990 Suriname, Radio Apintie, Paramaribo 0930 to 0955 occasional audio in Dutch, fair to poor signal 30 July  (Wilkner)

4996 (CW), Russia, RWM, 1940, good with pips. 23 July (David Sharp)..
 5010.04 R. Madagascar, 1810, soft music, talk by a woman. Strong signal compromised with low modulation. 23 July (David Sharp).

5020 Solomon Islands, SIBC 0935 to 1020 with Havana powered down a bit, music at 0955 faded up..fair signal at best. 30 July (Wilkner)
 5024.97 Peru, R. Quillabamba, 1115, huaynos, over Rebelde, CODAR QRM. 23 July (David Sharp). 

 5066.4 Dem. Congo, R. Candip, 1820, good with French talk by a man. 23 July (David Sharp). 

5915 CRI (Hohhot) 1322-30 20 July. CRI's 13-14 RU service doing well this morning with "..radyo Khitaya.." ID @ :25.  (Dan Sheedy)

5952.42 Bolivia, Radio Pio XII, 1122, talk by a man, good in USB to avoid QRM low side. 23 July (David Sharp).

5952.4  Bolivia Pio XII, Siglo Veinte 0115 to 0125 some word sin Spanish, co-channel interference , carry narrow filter; fair signal at best. 29 July (Wilkner)

5965 Shiokaze/Seabreeze (via Yamata) 1335-57+ 21 July. Thanks to Ron Howard's info, heard Shiokaze on the 2nd day of their move to 5965 in EG with headlines & more in-depth news items, ID/contact info just before TOH & CRI (Xian) opening in KR.  (Dan Sheedy)

6010.09v  Colombia La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras, 2330 to 2336 over modulated distorted signal, difficult in AM or ssb, om Spanish  29 July (Wilkner)

6070  Canada CFRX Toronto 2330 to 2332  “service out sources….new technology..latest …”  by yl 29 July— 0928  yl “ waiting for a long summer weekend  ….”   30 July Wilkner)

6135.2  Brasil Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP 0110 to 0120 hyper om announcer with sports event “goal?” stronger than the Bolivian using usb, narrow filter  29 July: also noted at 0600 with fair signal 30 July  (Wilkner)

6160 Canada CKZN St Johns 2334 om news items  “under new policies ….” yl  “ homes that rare examples of …” 29 July (Wilkner)

 7750 (CUSB), Somalia, Warsan Radio, fair at 1952 with talk by a man. Someone else is mixing with this. 23 July (David Sharp).

9480 La Voz Alegre (Mahajanga) 0456-57* 15 July. Tuned to catch the end of APR, but found LVA in SP with closing ID, p/e-mail contact info. A one-off? retry 16 July: back to regular EG APR close-down.  (Dan Sheedy)

9525.91 Voice of Indonesia, 1810, t/in to EZL vocals, then brief "Welcome to Indonesia" non-ID and back to music, fair to good strength and decent modulation. 29 July (David Sharp).

9545 RTI 1137-45, 1247-1300+ 21 July, *1000+ 22 July.. Thanks to Ron Howard's tip, found RTI's NF with no CNR1 jamming (yet)..//7200 when checked @ 1247-1300+ on 21 July  with CH pop & an Amy Winehouse song (7200 very tough with CNR1 echo jamming). (Dan Sheedy)

9750 Japan - Radio Japan heard in Japanese at 1207 utc on with a female with ID signal was fair  21st   July (Trotto)

9680 Voice of Hope (Lusaka) *0458+ 15 July. VoH poor but semi-readable with IS/ID ("From Zambia to the world, this is the Voice of Hope, Africa") loop, opening ID "Voice of Hope broadcasting....9-4-8-0 kiloHertz.." & into hymn.   (Dan Sheedy)

11665 Limbang FM/Wai FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1324-1400+ 11 July, 1311-42 14 July. Always a treat to listen to Limbang's M & Th 1315-1400 shows..Limbang has a nice singing jingle after the Wai FM DJ hands over the mic to the Limbang DJ (one of the very few jingles Limbang airs during the show, alas)..mostly ML romantic pop (a little less rock-n-roll style than Wai's selections), even found a couple of station promos on the 11th @ 1340..they end the program with a quick Limbang FM mention followed by TOH pips & "warta berita dari Wai FM". (Dan Sheedy)

11735 Tanzania-Zanzibar ZBC Radio at 2100 running much later than usual in Swahili with East African traditional music rather than their usual East African pop-influenced music-Good July 24 (Mark Coady- Ontario DX Association )

13765 Vatican State Vatican Radio hrd in English to Africa at *0630 utc  with fair signals  21st   July (Trotto)

13790 Romania - Radio Romania inter. hrd in English at 1152 utc on  with fair signal  21st   July (Trotto)

14375 Spanish numbers station - hrd female with blocks of numbers in Spanish at 0640 utc on  with good signals  21st   July (Trotto)

15595 Vatican State - Vatican Radio in French 0614 utc with fair signals 21st   July (Trotto)

0000000——Last Minute Logs  from Dan, in California ———00000000

4750 CNR1 (Hailar) 1245+  27, 28, 29 July. Watching the surf, listening to CNR1's amiable chat/sounders with a low noise level on 60M for a few days. (Dan Sheedy)

4800 CNR1 (Geermu) 1239+ 28 July. Doing fairly well this morning //4750, 6125 (& dozens of other frequencies, too).  (Dan Sheedy)

6230 SOH/VMW (Wiluna) 1322+ 28 July. SOH's carrier helping to demystify VMW's USB transmission..neat mix of OZ weather & CH chat.  (Dan Sheedy)

7325 Shiokaze/Sea Breeze (via Yamata) *1405+ 26, 29 July. Loud with piano & opening announcement ("Kochiwara [JSR?] Shiokaze deh..").  (Dan Sheedy)

11665 Wai FM/unID ML FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1250-1400+ 25, 26, 27 July. What sounded like non-Wai FM programming all 3 days (even during usual 1315-1400 Limbang FM program on 25 July)..coasted through 1300 (normally goes to RTM net news //9835) with phone calls, DJ chat & some mis-heard jingles ["Radio Malaysia--Ish/Isa FM", "Radio Malaysia--Sei FM", "--- Radio, FM 101"] bright spot on 26 July was an hour program of Bollywood tunes/news ("lagu lagu Bollywood" and "Bollywood warta berita")..back to regular Wai-FM programs 1233-1405 28, 29, 30 July (RTM Sarawak news //9835 @ 1300 followed by Limbang FM @ 1312 on the 28th).  (Dan Sheedy)

- - - - - -
Dan Sheedy  Encinitas/Moonlight Beach, CA PL380/6m X wire [v.2.0])
Mark Coady, Ontario Canada 
Drake TR-7.
Ron Trotto 
Grundig Satelit 800, Waggoner Illinois 
David Sharp -  New South Wales , Australia 
FT-950, NRD-535D, R8, R30A, Timewave 599ZX, various Palstar and MFJ accessories, Quantum Phaser, various Sangean and Tecsun portables, EWE aerials...
Robert  Wilkner - Pompano Beach,  Florida
746Pro - Drake R8  NRD 525 -Sony 2010XA - 60 meter dipole,   Amplified Ferrite MW Antennas - long wave pre amplifier, various wired antennas  

~ dxsf 1981 -2016 

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