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Mosquito Coast DX News - August 27 2016

    Poor conditions continue on the tropical bands with storms in the area of south Florida and the Bahamas.    rlw

810   BAHAMAS   ZNS3 Freeport, 0034, pop mx, much stronger than //1540 Nassau, which is unusual here (Aug. 24, 2016)  (XM)

970   CUBA  Radio Guama, Los Palacios, 0037, coming in strongly over WFLA Tampa and // 990 and 1000. 970 Guama not normally hd here (Aug 24, 2016)  (XM)

1610  ANGUILLA Caribbean Beacon, 0200, unusually good on a night when essentially nothing noteworthy was coming in, usual Melissa Scott stuff (Aug. 26, 2016)  (XM)

2325  Australia   VL8T Tennant Creek  NT 1100 to 1110 strong carrier with very weak audio 25 August (Wilkner)

2485  Australia,  VL8K Katherine NT 1030 to 1050 fading up with chat in English, marginal signal,happy to receive this at all  25 August (Wilkner)

2850  North Korea , Korean Central Broadcasting Station  1105 to 1115 noted first time this season with some audio  25 August (Wilkner)

3310 Bolivia Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba  noted 1040 to 1050 with yl in Quechua weaker than normal signal -t-storm racket   25 August (Wilkner)

3320   SOUTH AFRICA  Radio Sender Grense, 2330, Afrikaans, various anncmts  (Aug 20, 2016)  (XM)

3375.1 Brasil  Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira  0200 to 0210 with deep fades in Portuguese long talk by om 24 August (Wilkner)

4755.94 Unid  possibly Brasil, Radio Imaculada Conceição, Campo Grande, MS ….noted weak in Portuguese 2345 to 2357  26 August (Wilkner)

4805 Brasil Radio Difusora do Amazonas,Manaus 1010 to 1030 with weak signal , in PT with usual om…deep fades.   25 August (Wilkner)

4824  PERU  LV de la Selva, Iquitos, presumed, 0023, unable to get more than a carrier out of this, but has not been in at all recently (Aug 24, 2016)  (XM)

4824.49 Perú , La Voz de la Selva,   Iquitos 2350 to 2355 noted with slightly better signal in Spanish, always weak here 26 August (Wilkner)

4835 Australia, VL8A Alice Springs, NT 1030 to 1037; 1055 rechecks with commentary and brief music, good signal-25 August (Wilkner)

4875   BRASIL,  Radio Roraima, presumed, 2336, threshold plus signal (Aug. 20, 2016) (XM)

4885   Brasil, Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, PA 0725 to 0745 om dj with pop music very strong signal 27 August (Wilkner)

4885   BRASIL,  Radio Clube do Para, 2335, very poor signal but did appear to be M in PT (Aug. 20, 2016) (XM)

4910  Australia, VL8T Tennant Creek 0745  to 0755 fading up with om and yl  brief mx. 27 August (Wilkner)

4925  BRASIL,  Radio Educacao Rural, 0041, threshold to very poor with PT talk (Aug 24, 2016)  (XM)

4940   CHINA, Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou, 1049, W in CH commentary, fair signal, about the most reliable Asian morning signal here (Aug. 27, 2016)  (XM)

4950   ANGOLA,  Radio Nacional de Angola, 2328, M w/ report in PT, poor but better than usual (Aug. 20, 2016)  (XM)

4955  Perú, Radio Cultural Amauta Huanta  1033 to 1050 during bandsman. om SP , fair to good signal, long talk  25 August (Wilkner)

5952  BOLIVIA,  R Pio XII, 1039, M ancr in commentary, unable to determine if SP or Quechua, poor signal (Aug. 27, 2016) (XM)

5952.4  Bolivia Pio XII, Siglo Veinte 1045 with some worlds in SP to 1050. cochannel splatter, narrow filter in lsb August 25 (Wilkner)

5980   PERU,  R Chaski, Urubamba, presumed, 1041, threshold signal with occasional bursts audible, at 1044 obliterated by apparent pulsating jammer, Radio Marti does use this freq (Aug. 27, 2016)  (XM)

6070  Canada. CFRX Toronto  0735 to 0745 m with news items then into "Row Row Row Your Boat" recited  27 August (Wilkner)

6089.97t Nigeria, FRCN Kaduna, 1844, all alone on freq and presumed the one with a weak carrier and almost no audio. But brief snippets of hilife make me think it's this. 26 August.
 (David Sharp)

6115 Congo, Radio Congo, 1815, first time heard in probably weeks, low modulation but French man with news could be copied with a tight filter. 26 August.
 (David Sharp)

6160 Canada CKZN St Johns  0720 to 0745 " this hour the issues are .." some fading   27 August (Wilkner)

6174   PERU,  R Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, 1038, M and W in SP, possibly anuncios (Aug. 27, 2016)  (XM)

6173.9 Perú, Radio Tawantinsuyo,  Cusco 0211 to 0230 poor to fair signal, SP chat, narrow filter 24 August (Wilkner)

6180  BRASIL,  R Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 0000, Nice complete ID, information about Brasilia, good selection of Brasilian mx (Aug. 26, 2016)  XM

7120 SOMALIA R Hargeisa 8/24 0333 ment Somaliland, vocals, cmtry, weak with fair peaks, some ARO QRM. (Paszkiewicz-WI)

7120 Somaliland, Radio Hargeisa, 1850, good with local music, brief announcement by man just prior to brief music and plug pulled 1900*. 26 August.
 (David Sharp)

7235.17v Ethiopia, Radio Ethiopia, 1833, talk by a lang M, very garbled modulation and warbly xmtr. Slight het with someone low side so USB best. 26 August.
  (David Sharp)

9565.03 Brazil, SRDA, 2145, really surprised to find this and at decent strength, excited talk by man with brief comments by woman, into lively music. This motivated me to check for other 31mb ZY's but none of the others were heard. 26 August.
 (David Sharp)

9650 Guinea, Radio Guinea noted 1810+ with nice hilife and occasional comments by a man. Some splatter low side but otherwise good. 26 August.
  (David Sharp)

9650   GUINEA  Radio Guinee, 2333, two M in FR conversation, appeared to be commentary of some sort, fair signal (Aug. 20, 2016)  (XM)

9575 AIR (Bengaluru)/CNR1 (jammer) 1303-1330* 17 August. AIR once again holding its own against CNR1's efforts to keep a neat music concert from reaching the desired audience. CNR1 shut-down @ 1329, leaving AIR to close with "..[Nepali?] service of All India Radio" at 1330. Recheck 1211-16, 1301-10 22 August. CNR1 JBA 1211-13 then apparently off, leaving AIR's IS clear until 1215 then both with very poor signals battling ACI from RA-9580. After 1300, AIR mostly atop with music..since I haven't been able to access Aoki (either Google or WOR), checking HFCC/EiBi the AIR service seems to be TB (EiBi) or "Bod" (AIR HFCC), so I'm not sure where my initial log of "Nepal [non]" came from..hope I've not confused too many folks.**BOB: please hold this one for a few days, until I can get Aoki access &/or more info on the language service + tidy up the scattered info..tnx**  (Dan Sheedy)

17780 BBC (Ascension) 1423-1500+ 20 August. BBC's M-F 1400-1430 Hausa broadcast popped up on a Saturday with live sports play-by-play, commentary, log drum intro to BBC Hausa promo & web info.  (Dan Sheedy)

17810 CNR1 (jammer) 0651 21 August. CNR1's chat, music & sounders completely covering targeted RFA's CH program.  (Dan Sheedy)

Last Minute Logs from New South Wales

1440 Radio Kiribati, 0910, noted in SBS null with island music, only brief comments by woman, fair. (David Sharp 27 August)

6115 Congo is missing, not even a trace of a carrier, so still irregular. (David Sharp 27 August)

9650 Radio Guinea, 1810, mostly open carrier until 1815, then audio rising to decent level with lengthy French talk by a man. (David Sharp 27 August)

Was checking for other stuff on 60 meters but the entire segment from 4930-5000 was wiped out by over-the-horizon radar, 1730+. Bring back the woodpecker, hi!

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