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Loggins from 10-26 September 2016

3260     PAPUA NEW GUINEA   NBC Madang  1049-1058 radio play.  1058- M
anncr in PD w/outro and sev. ments of Madang and also Eastern
Highlands Province, New Britain, and ID " Madang ?? long
broadcast ??".  1059 exotic flute, 1100 studio M anncr in PD w/ment of
Saturday night, phone #, tonight, "fax number", and apparently
upcoming pgm.  1102 into lively island mx.  1113 studio M anncr w/ment
of NBC and TC.  Best hrd yet this season.  Easily as good, if not
better, than Neils Perseus in Brisbane!!  (10 Sept.)

3344.87 Getting a carrier here obviously from RRI Ternate after 1100.
(10 Sept.)

6205     PIRATE (NA) WREC/R. Free East Coast  OC at 2257.  Audio up at
2300 w/ID, and into mx.  Comedy ad at 2309 and ID by W.  Another ID at
2322.  R. Free Whatever was here last weekend.  (10 Sept.)

6264.97     PIRATE (EUROPE)  Johnny Tobacco  2241 Recognized "Rainy
Day Women" by Dylan.  2313 anmnt w/ID.  Recognized his voice too.
More mx and back w/anmnts at 2325 and 2327.  Playing a Polka at 2349
and into another at 2354, then more anmnts at 2355 mentioning "
signal...goodnight, goodbye, good morning...".  More mx and Johnny
back briefly at 2359 and plug pulled at 2359:24.  (10 Sept.)

6305.13     PIRATE (EUROPE)   R. Marabu   Could only get a carrier
here after 2257.  No audio as it was too weak.  Dr. Tim said R. Marabu
was here.  2347 definitely got some mx.  Audio right at threshold.
(10 Sept.)

6319.98     PIRATE (EUROPE)   Mustang R.  OC came on at 2335:57.
"Summer Breeze" from Grease started at 2337:39.  2341 canned jingle,
and into Rock song. Sounded like another jingle at 2351.  2352 live
anmnt, but too much static noise.  Did catch a "good morning".  0006
"Let It Be" by The Beatles.  Still going at 0033 when my recording
stopped.  As strong as or maybe a tad stronger than Johnny Tobacco.
(10-11 Sept.)

3325     INDONESIA RRI Palangkaraya (pres.)  1036 getting a little mx
that sounded similar to what was hrd on the Japan Perseus'.  (12

6015     SOUTH KOREA   KBS Hanminjok  1039 found this clear for once
w/tlk by M, no doubt during the “Pops Freedom” pgm.  About 10 seconds
after I started recording, the jammer came back on.  Interesting that
both the jammer on this freq and 6003 came back on at the exact same
time.  (12 Sept.)

The Aussie NT stns on 2310, 2485, and 4835 were back on at 1003 with
mx. 2310 and 2485 weak, but 4835 near 100% copy in LSB to avoid 4840
WWCR. (13 Sept.)

6173.83     PERU   R. Tawantinsuyo  Pleasant rustic OA campo mx at
1011 t/in.  1013 TC by W and ID by M, then right back to mx. 1016
another brief anmnt by W but couldn't copy.  1020 fantastic TC and ID
by M “Transmite R. Tawantinsuyo desde Cusco Peru”.  Best hrd in a long
time and nice on very short peaks (2 seconds or so) due to QSB.  (13

No sign of 6134.8 Santa Cruz to at least 1020 this morning.  (13

5980 USA WWCR Getting a horrible spur product of 45 khz (5935 - 5890)
+ 5935 = 5980.  (13 Sept.)

I was getting Alcaravan as good as Rossii was on the JA2GGZ Perseus in
Japan at 1033.   Conversely, Alcaravan was as poor in Japan as Rossi
was here.  (14 Sept.)

2325     AUSTRALIA   ABC Local R., Tennant Creek  Clear and nearly
100% readable except for a few static crashes.  1040 pgm promo for
girl vocal artist ending w/"ABC Local Radio" ID by M.  1048 tlk abt NT
wx.  (14 Sept.)

20 September 2016 Micro-DXpedition:
RX:  Perseus SDR
ANT:  313' Beverage (BOG) aimed roughly at 355°.
QTH:  State Game Lands
Duration:  0855-1215 UTC.
Solar Indices:  Solar Flux = 83  A Index = 10  K Index = 4  G1
geomagnetic storm.  B1 background X-Ray Flux.
WX:  Clear and calm with a heavy dew.  Upper 50’s.

5939.84    BRAZIL   R. Voz Missionaria  A lot of ZY Pops from 0910
w/canned jingles and SFX (including roosters) and “Bon dia”s.  Live
studio M DJ in PT.  TCs and chatter.  Good signal at first, excellent
by 0935.  Some slop QRM from 5935 WWCR as usual.  (20 Sept.)

6059.78    BRAZIL   Super R. Deus e Amor   0910-0925 M preaching in
PT.  Quite readable and better than at home.  Diff. M preaching at
0934 return, building to shouting level by 0939.  (20 Sept.)

6040.42    BRAZIL   RB2  A number of songs in a row, 0937 canned
anmnts including an ID, then live M DJ in PT.  Not that strong.  (20

9390    THAILAND   R. Thailand WS   Signal on at 1157:36, 1200 TC in
EG by M, bells IS and M in EG w/full ID ending w/ment of upcoming pgm
in Malaysian.  Good signal but 9395 WRMI slop QRM.  (20 Sept.)

7265    PAKISTAN   Azad Kashmir R. (pres.)  1210 subcont.-sounding mx
during a break in the Ham net here.  Surprised to hear anything at
all.  (20 Sept.)

7345 R. Sakha w/usual ToH routine at 1000 but poor signal.  (20 Sept.)

6130    TIBET   Xizang PBS  M and W anncrs in pres. Tibetan at 0938
t/in.  Pleasant mx at 1144 recheck, then same M and W again, //6200.
Both weak.  (20 Sept.)

5900 R. Rossii just as strong (weak) as at home.  Was expecting it to
be better.  (20 Sept.)

4895    INDIA   AIR Kurseong  Surprised to find subcont. mx at 1133.
W anncr in pres. Hindi at 1141 retune.  Canned anmnt mixed w/mx at
1142, then into more subcont. mx.  Strength wasn’t too bad but mod.
could’ve been better.  (20 Sept.)

5910 Alcaravan was on at 0935 but not at 1015 recheck.  6009.99
Conciencia was on though but not earlier at 0935.  Both are highly
irregular, coming and going all the time, anytime.  (21 Sept.)

5150    PIRATE (NA)  UNID.  Tnx John Coopers tip, hrd this w/some
alternative or Punk music at 1020.  Not very strong but IDable.  Didn’t
stay with it.  (21 Sept.)

4810    UNID.   Presumed Logos  Has what sounds like a M preaching at
1018.  Can't tell the language though as its too weak and there’s too
much QRM.  (21 Sept.)

6173.88        PERU   R. Tawantinsuyo  Beautiful camposina mx at 1023.
Clear in LSB.  I wonder if they changed their sked.  I think they used
to have a long newscast from 1000-1100.  (21 Sept.)

Hard copy QSL came in the mail from IBC for their WRMI relay.  (21

Like yesterday, 3375.07 R. Municipal continues to be off the air.  (22

22 September 2016 Micro-DXpedition
RX:  Perseus SDR
ANT:  313' Beverage (BOG) aimed at 60°.
QTH:  State Game Lands
Duration:  1755-2135 UTC.
Solar Indices:  Solar Flux = 85  A Index = 3  K Index = 0  No storms.
The background X-Ray Flux spiked into the C level twice while I was
WX:  Clear and sunny.  Low 80’s!!

11735     ZANZIBAR   ZBC R.  Swahili nx by W at 1800 today, no EG nx.
Didn’t play the drum IS either.  Just went from what sounded like a
sports pgm promo to slow time ticks.  Playing Top 40 Pop mx at 1820.
(22 Sept.)

13580     BANGLADESH  Bangladesh Betar  1810 end of EG nx by M, usual
long promo by W focusing on all lang. services anding w/FM channel,
then intro for “V.O. Islam” pgm, and immediately into Koran
recitation.  End of pgm at 1824, then M w/ID and song anmnt, then
subcont. mx.  1829 W w/ID and intro for pgm “Panorama”.  Poor fair but
pretty steady signal.  (22 Sept.)

5150    PIRATE (NA)   UNID.  Found w/very strong signal at 1848 w/song
presumably “Natural Hero”, then an odd Jazz song.  (22 Sept.)

11700    CLANDESTINE   R. Biafra (via Bulgaria)  1903 ID and TC in
London ending tlk, Afro Pop song, 1907 End of song, M w/EG ID and into
more EG tlk.  Good signal but 11695 CRI slop QRM.  (22 Sept.)

11600    CLANDESTINE   Denge Kurdistan  ID at 1957.  (22 Sept.)

9275    USA   WMLK  Found on the air at 2028-2035+ w/rel. tlk on
missionaries and ments of Yahweh.  Gone at 2055 recheck.  (22 Sept.)

9265    USA   WINB  2029 M w/ID, then intro for “Call to Worship” pgm.
Poor signal but readable.  (22 Sept.)

4710    Definite M anncr at 2041 peak.  Not readable though.  Sounded
more like a bdcst stn instead of the 1570 harmonic TIS from
Glastonbury CT.  (22 Sept.)

7700U    ITALY   Marconi R. Int. (tent.)  2048 sounded like
alternating mx and M tlking.  Definitely mx briefly at 2057.  CW QRM.
(22 Sept.)

4835    AUSTRALIA   ABC Local R., Alice Spring  Must be the annual
showing for the Winter season of the “long path” of ABC Local R. Alice
Spring.  Found purely by accident.  Signal here at 2100.  Definite M
anncr at 2103.  W anncr joined in then at 2105.  Words almost readable
on quick peaks at 2107.  Could tell the W had an Aussie accent.  2109
excited M anncr.  Studio W anncr again at 2111.  Into I’m on Fire” by
Bruce Springsteen at 2112, then W returned at 2115.  Still barely
audible at 2127.  CODAR really tough and had to turn off the sync.
Glad the NT stns came back on or I’d never have hrd this.  (22 Sept.)

9744.99    BAHRAIN   R. Bahrain  In the clear at 2118 w/Dance mx in
usual carrier +USB.  Into another Dance song at 2126.  (22 Sept.)

4769.99    Signal here at 2128.  Too weak and CODAR was just too
massive to hear any audio.  What would be here??  (22 Sept.)

4910    AUSTRALIA   ABC Local R. Tennant Creek  0827 end of interview
by studio M pgm host, promo including ID, live M anncr returned
starting w/ment of ABC nx and upcoming pgm rundown, then off at
0829:01.  Switched to 2325 and noticed it come on at 0830:08, but it
was extremely weak and barely visible.  (23 Sept.)

No sign of 3375.07 R. Municipal again this morning after 0900.  (23

25 September 2016 Micro-DXpedition:
RX:  Perseus SDR
ANT:  313' Beverage (BOG) aimed at 50°, then to 340° at 0851.
QTH:  PA State Game Lands
Duration:  0630-1120 UTC.
Solar Indices:  Solar Flux = 85  A Index = 5  K Index = 3  G1
geomagnetic storm.  B1 background X-Ray Flux.
WX:  Clear starry sky, low-40s.

4015    PIRATE (EUROPE)  Laser Hot Hits  0648 end of anmnt by UK
accented M, then into Pop songs.  No further anmnts to 0655 when I
tuned away.  Weak and noisy w/QRM from UTE and SSB above.  (25 Sept.)

6150    GERMANY   Europe 24 (via Datteln)  0638 “Silly Love Songs” by
Wings.  0700 start  of “Video Killed the Radio Star” as a promo.
Intro and pres. nx in GM by M to 0703, and back to Pop mx.  0707 a few
GM words by M anncr.  0707-0710 “Baby Love” by The Supremes.
0712-0715 “California Girls” then M in what sounded lke GM w/poss. nx
headlines w/little tinkly melody between items for abt a min. and a
half (record 0716).  0716-0719 “Sherry” by Neil Diamond.  Another
oldie.  0721 very short canned GM anmnt by M.  0722-0724 “Everybody
Loves Somebody Sometime” by Dean Martin.  0726-0728 “You’ve Got to
Hide Your Love Away” by The Beatles.  Much weaker by 0758 return.
Weak with a lot of static noise and horrible bursts by the machine gun
UTE.  (25 Sept.)

7310    GERMANY   R. 700 (via Kall)  0644-0648 GM tlk by M and W anncr
pgm hosts.  Sounded like diff. M at 0656 return.  0657 voice-over
instru. mx w/M mentioning “meterband” and “Post Box”.  0758-0800
“Forever in Blue Jeans” by Neil Diamond.  0700 M in GM mixed
w/electronic fanfare w/poss. ment of “kilohertz”, then W anncr w/ment
of “?? program von Radio…”.  0701 instr. flute mx, then same W again
w/pres. nx including soundbites to 0705 ending w/pleasant instru. mx.
0705-0706 tlk by diff. W anncr.  0706-0709 soft vcl song by W and
womens chorus.  Almost sounded like Gregorian chant.  0709-0713 same W
anncr pgm host w/ment of Deutscheland.  0713-0716 Pop-like song by
male vcl group.  0716 W again.  0718-0721 sounded like an Irish-like
song w/M vcl.  0721 W in GM between songs w/ment of Hamburg.
0722-0724 M vcl song.  0725 same W anncr.  0725-0728 lounge-like song
w/M and W duet.  Went into DP07 broadcast from 0731-0800, but returned
w/R. 700 pgming at 0800.  If not for the noise, would have been quiet
readable.  (25 Sept.)

6070.017    GERMANY   Word of Deliverance (via Channel 252)  0644 M
rel. preaching with a political slant in EG.   Co-host Michele joined
in at times.  Cut off 13 seconds before the 0700 ToH.  Fairly readable
in USB despite an equal signal strength from CFRX 28 hertz below.  (25

6070.017    GERMANY   Super Clan R. (via Channel 252)  0700 canned M
tlking jingle ending w/W giving ID.  0700-0702 Rock mx (“Let Your Hair
Hang Down” in the chorus).  0702 live M DJ w/song anmnt ending w/ID.
0702-0704 “Da Do Run Run” by The Crystals.  0704 same M DJ w/previous
and upcoming song anmnt ending w/ID and ment of shortwave.  0705-0708
“Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire.  0708 jingle consisting of song
bites ending w/W w/ID.  0708-0712 Disco song sounding like Diana Ross.
0712 M DJ w/ID and upcoming song anmnt ending with “…right now, Super
Clan Radio, 6070 kiloHertz”.  0712-0715 unrecog. oldie.  0715 short
jingle w/ID by W at end.  0715-0718 another unrecog. oldie followed by
“96 Tears” by Question Mark and the Mysterians from 0718-0721.  0721
canned anmnt by M mentioning “Another gold ?? Super Clan Radio ?? 6070
kilohertz in the 48 meter shortwave band…all over Europe…right here on
Super Clan Radio”.  0722-0725 Disco song sounding like Chic.  0725
another jingle w/Super Clan R.” ID by W.  0725-0728 Cherish” by The
Association.  0728 live M DJ w/song anmnt again.  Surprised to copy
this given CFRX here.  (25 Sept.)

6398.5    PIRATE (EUROPE)  Common and Precious CW beacon Pirate.
Fading w/UTE QRM on both sides making it tough.  But did copy “common”
starting at 0633:38 and “dipole wo62” starting at 0634:35.  Checking
on a Perseus net rx in Switzerland found very strong with the complete
loop was “Common and Precious wo62sk 52w dipole wo62sk (repeat)”.  I
presume the “52w” is 52 watts.  Tnx Alexandr tip on the Pirate chat
evening before.  (25 Sept.)

6355    PIRATE (EUROPE)   R. Piranha CW beacon Pirate  Per Alexandr
tip, found here at 0700.  Extremely weak but there.  Much too weak and
too fast to copy.  Faded after 0708.  Website says 10-15 watts.  (25

6294.94    PIRATE (EUROPE)  UNID.   Someone came on at 0717:51, poss.
M anncr 10 sec. later, then immediately into Rock mx.  Sounded like
Meatloafs “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” as Irish Paul reported in
his blog.  Just too noisy.  (Irish Paul had this as Unid in his blog)
(25 Sept.)

6289.93    PIRATE (EUROPE)   UNID.  Signal came on at 0743:43 and mx
start at 0744:10.  Instru. techno mx.  Off at 0747:46.  Who??  (25

7310    GERMANY   DP07  0731 midi IS, then M in GM w/what sounded like
wx info. 0732:30 ID, then EG at 0733 w/ment of “…short weather report”
and said wx.  0734 back into GM w/ID “Heir ist Delta Papa…”.  Came
back and hrd midi IS at 0800.  (25 Sept.)

6205.01    PIRATE (EUROPE)   UNID.  Nothing at 0728 but found someone
here playing mx at 0736.  Sounded like Hard Rock at 0742.  Peak at
0744.  Almost strong enough to recognize, but too much static noise.
Then King SW carrier came on at 0745:10 creating a het.  0754 could
hear mx in with the het when he pulled the plug at 0754:08.  Must have
gone off because of King SW QRM.  Who was this??  (25 Sept.)

6205.12    PIRATE (EUROPE)   King SW  Carrier on at 0745:10 causing a
het against 6305.01 below.  Could just get bits of mx.  Way too weak.
Drifted down and settled on 6205.06.  (ID per Terry, UK)  (25 Sept.)

6045    GERMANY   Radio Menschen & Geschichten (via Nauen)  Signal on
0759, deadair, and musicbox IS, 0800 pgm start w/GM ID anmnts by W and
M and poss. short nxcast.  Sev. IDs at 0802 including “telefon” in
“Deutschland”.  0803-0807 “I Wanna to Change the Score” by Tony Banks.
0807 M DJ in GM w/song anmnt, ID jingle, then M cont. tlk abt of R.
Vatican and actuality.  Tuned out at 0808.  Not that bad of a signal
and easily readable.  //7310.  (25 Sept.)

7310    GERMANY  Radio Menschen & Geschichten (via Kall)  Into
musicbox IS at 0800, and pgming same as 6045 as it was //.  Much
weaker but there.  (25 Sept.)

6240    PIRATE (EUROPE)   R. AC/DC  Looked like the signal came on at
0754:40 but not 100% sure it was him.  Mx just barely coming through
at 0816.  Poss. M anncr at 0818.  Similar in strength to King SW.  (ID
per Irish Pauls blog)  (25 Sept.)

6305.16    PIRATE (EUROPE)  R. Paardenkracht  Came on sometime between
0808 and 0816.  Right at threshold.  Too late.  (ID per Terry, UK)
(25 Sept.)

31mb ZYs 9565.04 Super R. Deus e Amor, 9630.04 Aparecida, 9664.95 R.
Voz Missionaria, 9724.91 R. RB2, and 9818.93 R. Novo de Julho all in
and readable at 0811.  No Bandeirantes.  (25 Sept.)

6160    NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA)   CKZN  “Weekend AM” pgm ID at 0829 w/M
host.  Unbelievably strong.  (25 Sept.)

4774.98    BRAZIL   R. Sora Congonhas   0837 soft ZY vcl song, 0839
canned jingle-like anmnt, M w/TC, another canned anmnt and back to mx.
ID at 0847:15.  (25 Sept.)

7259.96    VANUATU   R.V.   Was getting Pop-like mx at 0850 weakly.
Changed antenna direction but missed the ToH because I had
accidentally pulled the wire out of the matching xfmr.  When fixed at
0904, it was stronger of course and even oddly stronger than 7345
Sakha, but still poor.  Apparent nx w/speech excerpts.  A little
better when I returned at 0955 w/Pop mx again.  0959 W anncr very
briefly between songs.  Nothing special over ToH.  (25 Sept.)

No 3375.07 R. Municipal again this morning.

4835    AUSTRALIA   ABC Local R. (Alice Spring)  0910 W pgm host
interviewing M international traveler.  Later 1033, sports after nx by
W, wx, nice ID by M at 1035 and “Sunday” pgm and upcoming preview.
Actually stronger than 4840 WWCR at this time.  Horrible CODAR QRM
though.  (25 Sept.)

4869.91    INDONESIA   RRI Wamena  1018 Pop mx.  Weak and was hoping
it would be better by 1100 but abt the same.  More Pop mx at 1055,
seemed like canned anmnts at 1058 but just too poor.  (25 Sept.)

3325    PAPUA NEW GUINEA   NBC Bougainville  1040 Pop and Reggae mx.
1048 studio W anncr in PD w/tlk, ment of Sunday night, and back to mx.
1102 ad for what sounded like car dealer, ID/promo w/soundbites of
sev. people on the street ending w/children, then back to mx pgm, no
nx.  Fairly decent signal.  (25 Sept.)

Signal showing up on 3344.87 at 1052, no doubt Ternate.

6135.02    CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA)   V.O. Freedom  1107 end of
Pop-like song, then M and W anncrs in KR to at least 1110.  Of course
the jammer was on but I’ve never had this much audio coming through
before.  (25 Sept.)
Dave Valko

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