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23 October 2016: Micro-DXpedition

23 October 2016:  Micro-DXpedition
6140           CUBA   R. Havana Cuba  Found a spur of 6060 here at start 0647 and went off at exactly 0701:13.  Some adjacent slop QRM.  Disappointed this turned out to be a spur.  (23 Oct.) 
6205.08      PIRATE (EUROPE)   Coast FM  Dance mx format w/canned anmnts/singing jingles between songs, occas. M DJ chatter, and ad blocks right from the start.  0659 ad for pharmacy, then nx ID “With ?? News around the clock, this is the Canaries biggest British radio station, this is Coast FM”, then 2-min. nxcast, and back to mx.  0724-0727 “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross.  0742 ID “Coast FM.  More music weekend.  Coast FM”.  0745-0749 “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang.  Decent signal.  Still coming in at 0853 when I packed up and left for the other site.  Video can be found at  https://youtu.be/gKSsJxbCqsg  (23 Oct.)

6304.8        PIRATE (EUROPE)   R. Marabu  Alternative and Pop mx w/M DJ in GM and many ID jingles.  Some really nice peaks between 0657-0705.  Did recognize “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye at 0726.  Fading by 0800.  Still a little signal w/bits of audio by 0850, but unreadable.  A video can be found at  https://youtu.be/63vxaBmML9g   (23 Oct.)

6070           GERMANY   Atlantic 2000 Int. (via Channel 292, Rohrback)  “Word of Deliverance” pgm to 0659, then Altantic 2000 Int. starting w/M giving ID “You’re listening to Atlantic 2000 International” followed immediately by W and M w/IDs in FR and GM.  Instru. mx, 0700 M w/short voice-over ID, then diff. M w/FR opening freq anmnt”, and into “Listen to the Music” by The Doobie Brothers at 0701-0704.  0704 sev. jingles including “Whoopie!!”.  0705-0710 “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar.  0710 FR song anmnt and ID by M w/ment of kilohertz.  0711-0714 unrecog. slow Rock song.  0714 short canned anmnt by W, then same M DJ w/ment of kHz sev. times.  Came back at 0718 and hrd “Sunshine Superman” by Donavan until 0721, then M DJ again in FR w/ment of R. Waves and canned tlk by M over techno mx, and ending w/M DJ giving ID.  0724-0727 “More Than a Woman” by The Bee Gees.  0727 jingle and live M DJ in FR again w/upcoming song anmnt.  0728- Pop song “?? My Heart”.  More of the same w/song “98.6” by Keith at 0736.  Didn’t recog. any others.  Faded and was getting nasty 6090 Anguilla slop QRM after abt 0745.  Video can be found at  https://youtu.be/ccbDZlBcpkg  (23 Oct.)

7254.94      NIGERIA   V.O. Nigeria  0805-0814 nx and sports by M in EG.  Very weak modulation.  0814 into Afro Pop mx.  Much better lvl for inspirational rel. segment from 0815-0820.  M anncr barely audible then at 0820.  Better lvl again for promo by M at 0820 including sev. IDs.  And ment of freqs, mb, and website at 0821.  Nice ID at 0824.  Somewhat surprised it was this readable this late.  A video can be found at  https://youtu.be/ToYvbfRc5a4  (23 Oct.)

7699.94      PIRATE (EUROPE)   FRSH  0829 end of Pop song, then canned ID/promos by M and ment of 30th anniversary.  0830 into another unrecog. Soul song.  0834-0838 anmnt w/ment of FRSH and historical tlk segment including ment of Bob Dylan.  0838 back to mx w/another unrecog. song.  Decent peak during song at 0840.  0843 anmnt over end of song (machine gun UTE QRM), then immediately into another Rock song.  0847 another anmnt but fading.  Pretty fady signal.  Video can be fround at  https://youtu.be/DzgtvxRHMUg   (23 Oct.)
9510           ITALY??  Euro Gospel R. (tent.)  0935 tlk by W in EG but too weak and too much slop QRM from 9515.  Could get an occas. word on peaks.  (23 Oct.)  

9550.03      UNID.   R. Boa Vontade??  Mx at 0941.  Very weak.  (23 Oct.)

1620        UNID.  Found someone here with an awful transmitter fault generating 120 hertz buzzing noise at 1023 UTC.  Suspect it may be R. Rebelde, but maybe not.  Strong signal.  Video can be found at  https://youtu.be/VCHC4t9AgQo  (25 Oct.)

Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA

Perseus SDR with 313 foot Beverage on the ground at 45 and 355 degrees.

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