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25 October 2016 Micro-DXpedition:

25 October 2016 Micro-DXpedition:
RX:  Perseus SDR
 ANT:  313' Beverage (BOG) aimed at 60°.
Solar Indices:  Solar Flux = 78  A Index =60!!  K Index = 5  G3 level storms!!  A7 X-Ray flux.

6130           SWAZILAND   TWR  1950 usual musicbox IS between pgms, then M w/ID, then diff. M briefly another ID, and mx.  Video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/YjhSD-e2nCM  (25 Oct.)

4835           AUSTRALIA   ABC Local R., Alice Spring   Already getting a signal visible at 1947 start.  Fanfare at 2030, then M w/nx.  Still audible at 2118.  (25 Oct.)

6030           ETHIOPIA   R. Oromiya  Incredible level. 1949 HoA mx and really nice smooth audio.  Girl anncr in pres. Oromo at 1952 recheck, and into more HoA mx, and another song at 1957, stopped, and another song started and short voice-over closing anmnt by M and then choral anthem and signal off at 2000:03.  Video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/MJVYiBYDL80  (25 Oct.)

5950           ETHIOPIA   V.O. the Tigray Rev.  Fairly good signal w/HoA mx at 1951.  The signal wasn’t varying but the audio was.  1954 M in assumed Tigrinya followed by flute and M vcl to start the next song, then it really kicked it.  KBS World (Issoudun) OC came on at 1958:51, then W anncr underneath until KBS World started their pgm at 2000:11.  (25 Oct.)

6090           ETHIOPIA   Amhara R.  Massive strength!!  Having audio trouble.  Was a bit distorted and it was going off and on 2019-2021.  Nice HoA mx already at 1947 t/in.  1958 M and W alternating w/great flute mx, then more HoA mx over ToH.  Studio M anncr in distorted audio at 2024-2027.  More somber song at 2044 recheck.  Mx right to 2059 usual ID anmnt bracketed by the ethereal vibraphone melody, choral anthem ending at 2100:58, and OC to at least 2102.  By far the best ever hrd.  Check out the video of the reception at  https://youtu.be/4GeupJbBX_k  (25 Oct.)

5820           MADAGASCAR   RTE R.  Easy 100% copy.  1951 lounge mx w/W vcl, couple people tlking together mentioning “Tango”, and a Tango for abt 30 sec. and then the people cont. tlking, then Glenn Miller’s “Moonlight Serenade” alternating w/one of the ladies was telling a story, but the audio dropped way down.  Then “Who’s Taking You Home Tonight” by Vera Lynn was played mixed with the people tlking again.  1956 M pgm host tlk by Mona and Bernie, and Penny and their lives, cont. Very Lynn.  1958 fanfare, deadair, tone, and off.  Good signal.  (25 Oct.)

7700U         ITALY   Marconi R. Int.  Barely getting some mx at 2041:20 peak.  Still getting some weak mx at 2052.  More instru. mx again at 2102 and more solid signal.  2105:50 M anncr in IT w/ment of onda corta.  2107-2109 nice IS of repeating organ melody mixed w/multi-lingual IDs by M (peak at 2107) including short EG ID at 2108:55 as “?? free radio station, Marconi R. International”.  2110:35 ment of “pirate free radio” during IS.  2111:10 same EG ID as at 2108:55, then immediately into longer IT ID anmnt.  2113 “Star Wars” theme mx.  Apparently went off at 2115.  Weak but slowly getting stronger.  There was a carrier on the freq as well, but since this was in USB, it didn’t cause any QRM.  You can see a video of the reception at  https://youtu.be/90kizp-_kA8  (25 Oct.)

26 October 2016 Micro-DXpedition:
RX:  Perseus SDR
 ANT:  313' Beverage (BOG) aimed at 60°.
Solar Indices:  Solar Flux = 78  A Index =48  K Index = 5  G2 level storms.  A7 X-Ray flux.

7146.56      ERITREA   V.O. the Broad Masses of Eritrea  Unbelieveably coming in at 1745 w/W speaking, 4 and half hours before lcl sunset.  Had to tune USB to avoid the Hams below.  Fairly decent lvl at 1751 w/HOA mx.  M anncr and more HoA mx w/better signal after 1811.  W2ABQ tremendously strong calling CQ and causing severe QRM.  (26 Oct.)

7185           ERITREA   V.O. the Broad Masses of Eritrea  1748 tlk by W but not parallel to 7146.45.  Clear of Hams at 1754 when went into HoA mx starting w/yelling.  1813 Ham was blowing in his mic and asking if freq was in use.  (26 Oct.)

7120           SOMALIA   R. Hargeisa  Already getting a signal, though no audio, at 1743 when I first turned on the receiver.  Finally able to definitely hear M anncr at 1750.  Could barely hear M anncr at 1851 recheck.  Audio a tad higher but still very weak.  Ham playing around right on top at 1857.  W anncr at 1859 w/apparent closing (almost readable), 1900-1901 HoA mx (not an anthem), and signal off at 1902:00.  (26 Oct.)

5950           ETHIOPIA   V.O. the Tigray Revolution  A signal showing up hear by 1757, along w/6110, but no 6090 or 6030.  1806 definite heavy drum beat.  A little more audio at 1832 w/tlk by M.  HoA mx at 1847.  Very slowly getting better, but big improvement after 1950.  1959 apparent closing anmnt by M under KBS OC.  Video of reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/U-ur3vYm6Eg  (26 Oct.)

7254.94      NIGERIA   V.O. Nigeria  OK signal strength at 1811 (wasn’t there at 1754) but W anncr barely audible.  Fairly good at 1849 w/nx by W in EG.  ID by W at 1958, and into Pop song at 1859.  Pop mx at 1900, then W anncr introducing the nx w/M host.  (26 Oct.)

5820           MADAGASCAR   RTE R.  Audio up at 1929:45 as M gave ID, and pgm in progress.  Break for nice ID/contact info by W at 1945, and cont. pgm.  After changing laptop batteries, checked this at 1953 and had the same pgm abt sev. elderly ladies who love to dance as hrd yesterday at the same time.  Tone again at 1958 and off w/out ID.  Video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/1Rohiu-WBII  (26 Oct.)

6030           ETHIOPIA   R. Oromiya  Signal suddenly came on at 1934:15, and the audio came up w/HoA mx at 1935:45.  Signal improved quite a bit in just 25 min.  1958 M anncr in apparent Oromo but didn’t hear any mention of Oromiya.  Usual anthem to 1959-2000, long deadair, and signal gone at 2004:54.  (26 Oct.)

Signal on 5010.63 after 1930, probably Madagascar.  Stronger and enough that audio should have been detected at 2019 but wasn’t.  No sign of 5066.3 Candip.  (26 Oct.)

6090           ETHIOPIA   Amhara R.  Looked like the signal came on at 1934:45.  Interesting that this and R. Oromiya came on at about the same time.  Equal w/CRI at this time.  Started out abt 3 or 4 hz below CRI.  M anncr when the audio came on at 1935:00.  HoA mx at 1937.  Took phone caller at 1954.  ID for CRI at 1956, then instru. CH mx on CRI and HoA mx on Amhara.  In the clear w/HoA mx when CRI went off at 1957.  Another phone conversation at 2001.  A miniscule signal compared to yesterday.  Good at 2020 check w/HoA mx.  Phone call again at 2050.  2058 live M anncr, very brief mx, then usual ID anmnt w/vibraphone, choral anthem and off 2100.  Wonder why the dramatic change in signal level from yesterday.  (26 Oct.)

4710           USA   WPII600, Glastonbury, CT TIS (3 X 1570 harmonic)  ID by M starting the loop anmnt at 2106:45.  Did catch phone number and website earlier.  Very fady.  First time hrd since 6 Sept. and surprised it made it again.  (26 Oct.)

6205.08      Getting a signal here at 2114, no doubt Coast FM.  Not strong enough for audio though.  (26 Oct.)


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA

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