sexta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2016

Loggings 2-7 October

4905           CHINA   Xizang PBS  2248 and have it //4920 w/pleasant Chinese mx.  6200 should be on as well but nothing there.  Other Chinese on 4820, 4800, and had some very weak audio on 4750.  (2 Oct.)

5580.24      BOLIVIA   R. San Jose (pres.)  Weak mx, obviously R. San Jose at 2253.  M anncr noted after 2300.  Hrd later after 0000, but only a tad better.  (2 Oct.)

5990           CHINA       Qinghai PBS  2304 M tlking in Chinese or similar alternating w/Chinese instru. mx on 5990.  Same as hrd on the Delhi Perseus.  Got to beQinghai.  About the same strength as it is in the morning.  (2 Oct.)

Looks like hurricane Matthew knocked off WRMI, or they took the transmitters off intentionally.  Oddly 6855 is the only freq on though.  (7 Oct.)

6160.045    BRAZIL   Presumed R. Rio Mar on already at 0945.  Quite a het created w/CKZN just below 6160.  Had drifted up from 6160.03 to 6160.045 by 1010.  (7 Oct.)

3274.990    PAPUA NEW GUINEA   NBC Southern Highlands  First noted at 0949 found on the Brisbane Perseus.  //3260 at 0953 w/EG nx.  Weaker than 3260 Madang.  Broke away from 3260 at 1001, had what was probably an ID promo but I couldn't copy, then played an updated version of the native mx w/birdcall (a short fanfare substituted for the native mx) signature, then into more NBC nx.  1018 mention of "NBC Radio".  Also noted here in PA right at threshold audio level in the 1100-1130 time frame.  Sounded like M tlking at 1131 as hrd on the Brisbane Perseus.  Nice to see this one back on!!  (7 Oct.)

3325 Bougainville was off at 0953 but was on at 1016 check but only abt as strong at 3275.  Much much weaker than usual.  (7 Oct.)

On the Brisbane Perseus, found someone on 3210 playing Pop Dance and Rap mx in the 1155-1225+ time frame.  A very short sentence by M at 1209 but couldn't copy.  Went into a feature at 1221 presented by M anncr in US accent EG giving ment of “?? Radio” and a website.  Couldn’t copy the word before “Radio”.  No harmonics work out.  (7 Oct.)


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA USA

Perseus, Wellbrook ALA1530S and 153 triangular Delta Loop
and Perseus net receivers.

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