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Mosquito Coast DX News 24 September 2016

  Mosquito Coast DX News   24 September 2016  

        Poor conditions persist. Welcome one opening to Europe on Long Wave. rlw

153 Algeria 0020 to 0025 fading up with music; 0057 back  with music   17 September (Wilkner)

171  Morocco  Medi 1   Nador 0052  0100  percussion music with yl,   17 September (Wilkner)

183 Germany  Europe 1    0045 om in French to 0055 during opening  17 September (Wilkner)

198 UK  BBC  0100 to 0106 om chat, first time in a few years,  usual ute on top thankfully missing 
17 September (Wilkner)

2325  Australia   VL8T Tennant Creek  NT  1125 to 1135 fading up with yl and om, fair signal at best  23 September (Wilkner)

2325 ABC (Tennant Creek) 1210+ 20 Sept. Interview w/ musician & nice "ABC Darwin, ABC Local...across the Territory" at 1215..//2485 very poor & 4835 fair-OK..very deep fading on the 120M outlets.  (Dan Sheedy)

2749U  Canada  VCG Riviere-au-Rernard 0945 om with weather report  20 September (Wilkner)

2850  North Korea , Korean Central Broadcasting Station 1130 to 1136 yl in Korean, weak signal  23 September (Wilkner)

3325 RRI Palangkaraya 1356-1401+ 22 Sept. Popping up well this morning with IN pop, RRI generic jingle followed by local ID, 6+1 pips @ TOH, TC, "Radio Republic Indonesia-Palangkaraya" & "informasia Kalimantan" news.  (Dan Sheedy)

3310 Bolivia Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba 0950 to 1005 om in Quechua then yl on hour 20 September (Wilkner)

3912 South Korea “Voice of the People” Goyang, South Korea   1000 to 1036 in Korean  // 3480 and 6518 at 1036  - 20 September (Wilkner)

4055 Guatemala, Radio Verdad 0015 to 0020 ID by om in English   17 September (Wilkner)

4765 VC01/unID [Tajik Radio 1?] 1240, 1332 20 Sept. VC01 doing CH number groups w/ "robo-girl" style voice (but info says this is a real voice on tape) with unID chat well in the background.  (Dan Sheedy)

4765  Cuba,  Radio Progresso 0016 - 0023  “ vocalist  “ I Will Survive “ Gloria Gaynor and chat  // 810 Radio Progresso Guantánamo  17 September (Wilkner)

4790 BBC (Dushanbe-Yangiyul) *1259-1330* 20 Sept. BBC's Uzbek broadcast just breaking the noise level &, thankfully, unjammed today w/ a possible "BBC news" drop-in @ :26 before closing. Thanks to Ron Howard's better log info to help confirm this.  (Dan Sheedy)

4805 Brasil Radio Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus  0945 to 0957 long talk by om in Portuguese, rather bass driven voice , no music  20 September (Wilkner) 

5810 BBC (Nakon Sawan) 1223-32 20 Sept. Booming signal with news, features, program preview & "BBC News with David Austin.." @ BOH..//6195/9740 (both Kranji) not quite so loud.  (Dan Sheedy)

5900 RR (Vladivostok) 1350+ 22 Sept. Didn't know about their 22/23 Sept. close-down, so just caught the usual RU chat (with audio hum) while tuning through on their last day (unheard during check on 23 Sept. @ 1255).  (Dan Sheedy)

5900 RR (Vladivostok) 1332-1401+ 15 Sept. Long phone chats with listeners until brief 70s-style RU pop song followed by (p) ads, nice long RR promo, 5+1 pips @ TOH into "Radyo Rossii informasia..". (Dan Sheedy)

5910 Colombia  Alcaraván Radio,  Puerto Lleras 1129 strong carrier, 1130 announcer in SP, 1135 brief music bridge , 23 September  (Wilkner)

6070  Canada CFRX Toronto 1135  om “…confronting this situation once more “  news items good signal 23 September (Wilkner)

6134.82 Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz 2320 to 2337 om ID on half hour in lsb narrow filter with tentative
 Brasil Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP het from 6135.17  on 24 September (Wilkner)

6160 Canada CKZN St Johns  0022 to 0026 Jazz vocalist , strong signal 17 September (Wilkner)

9835 Sarawak FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1427 16 Sept. Nice to hear DNCE's "Cake by the Ocean" this morning in the mix of ML pop.  (Dan Sheedy)

11650 CRI (Urumqi) 1244 20 Sept. EG to Pakistan //5955 with lively chat & features.  (Dan Sheedy)

11665 Limbang FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1320+ 12 Sept. A quick check for Limbang FM with fair signal & (sorta rare for them) several IDs including "..stasiun Limbang FM..". (Dan Sheedy)

11695 VOA (Tinang) 1410+ 13 Sept. VOA's Cambodian program doing nicely today with occ. mentions of "Kampuchea.."  (Dan Sheedy)

11810 TOM (Kostinbrod) 1413-20 13 Sept. BS's usual nuanced "profit"-cies //9980..sorry Europe, but if we in the States have to put up with him, so do you.  (Dan Sheedy)

Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA PL380/6m X wire [v.2.0]

Robert  Wilkner, Pompano Beach,  Florida, 746Pro - Drake R8  NRD 525 -Sony 2010XA 

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