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31 October 2016 Micro-DXpedition:

31 October 2016 Micro-DXpedition:

RX:  Perseus SDR
ANT:  313' Beverage (BOG) aimed at 60°.
Solar Indices:  Solar Flux =76   A Index =9  K Index =2
WX:  Hazy sunshine, mid-40’s

No sign of 11735 ZBC or 11600 Denge Kurdistan at 1845.  No sign of 9650 Guinea at 1906 but was on at 2020 check.

7120 Hargeisa fair strength but no audio at 1845.  (31 Oct.)

6925U         PIRATE (NA)   Amphetamine R.  Documentary on Alister Crowley at 1853.  Came back at 1902 and caught middle of closing ID, US NA, tone, and gone at 1903.  Really strong signal.  (31 Oct.)

6923U         PIRATE (NA)   Amphetamine R.  Found back on the air around 2059 w/“Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding” by Elton John.  ID at 2107 w/freq and ment of Halloween “The most freaked out station on 43 meters”.  Back to mx at 2108.  Strong but quite weak on return at 2203.  SSTV at 2215 and again at 2217.  Second SSTV image was much stronger.  2219 ID and freq, then back to mx.  Really faded but was still there at 2231.  (31 Oct.)

6925           PIRATE (NA)   Signal on and mx start at 1921:31.  Went to calibrate, returned and was gone at 1924.  Amphetamine R.??  (31 Oct.)

6050           TURKEY   V.O. Turkey  Turkish mx, 5+1 long time ticks at 1930, greetings and ID by M in EG.  Fairly good.  (31 Oct.)

5820           MADAGASCAR   RTE   Same canned ID by W at 1945 as hrd last week.  (31 Oct.)

5250           USA   Getting 5th harmonic of 1050 from 2034-20 w/shorts pgm.  In and out.  Bet it was WLYC Williamsport as the Beverage was pointed in that direction.  (31 Oct.)

7700U         ITALY   Marconi R. Int.  Got a few seconds mx and M anncr at 2043.  M tlking at 2100.  Mx getting more audible by 2120.  2127 M anncr after weird Halloween-themed mx.  2127:55 M mentioned “Halloween”.  2131 M again.  2136 getting some QRM.  2148 mention of “Halloween program”.  Cricket SFX briefly at 2200.  (31 Oct.)

6949.99      ITALY  Enterprise R.  Wisps of mx as early as 2106.  2203 M w/Italian accented EG, ID, thanks for listening and ment of Italy, then “X Files” theme mx.  2207 M anncr briefly and SSTV at 2207:20.  Back to mx at 2209.  2211 M anncr again over mx w/ment of “…many thanks…”.  2213 tlk over mx w/ment of “audio”.  Couldn’t recognize the mx played after 2214.  Hard Rock mx at 2224.  2226 M over mx briefly w/ment of “…from the USA…”.  2230 sounded like “The Adams Family” theme.  Was peaking at 2203 retune then faded.  Wish I would have been on the freq before 2200.  Was still there after 2300 when I checked back at home.  Here's a link to a video I posted on Youtube  https://youtu.be/oT9jbRz3lfY  (31 Oct.)

6930U         PIRATE (NA)   Moonlight R.  2310 “25 or 6 to 4” by Chicago.  2314 ID by M ending w/jingle w/e-mail I believe and using novelty SFX, back to mx.  2319 “American Woman” by Guess Who.  2322 canned ID anmnt w/e-mail, then faded out and QRM too heavy.  6935 QRM, Fady and poor.  (31 Oct.)

6873.4v       PIRATE (NA)  Witch City R.  Mx from 2309 t/in.  2313 bubbling SFX and poss. M anncr.  Imposs. to copy.  2223 Alice Cooper w/“Welcome to My Nightmare”.  2225 witch laughing and anmnt w/”Happy Halloween” and ID “…on Witch City R.” then long tlk to 2336 but could only copy a few words every so often.  Sounded like a horror drama.  2338 witch cackling again.  2339 M briefly then witch yet again.  2341 M w/ment of Halloween.  2343 into Rock.  2348 bubbling SFX and M w/ment of “radio”.  Was getting some lcl buzzing then.  Looks like he went off at 0013 after witch again.  Hrd same SFX in 2013 xmsn.  A rebroadcast maybe??  (31 Oct.)

6925U         PIRATE (NA)   UNID.  2309 “Season of the Witch” by Donovan, “Psycho Killers” Talking Heads, “Devil Inside” INXS, etc.  Went off at 2354.  No anmnts.  Good signal.  (31 Oct.)

6935           PIRATE (NA)   Doctor Detroit  2312 “Werewolves of London”, “Somebodys Watching Me” by Rockwell, 2322 “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.  2328, and 2343 canned IDs after preacher w/“The Doctor is in” and ment of Pirate Operators Radio Network.  2359 closing “The shows over, go tune somewhere else”, and off at 0001.  Good.  Nice audio.  (31 Oct.)

6925U         PIRATE (NA)  UNID.  0008 on w/”The Monster Mash”, stopped a min. later in mid-song.  Good.  Pumpkin Patch R. warming up??  (1 Nov.)

6935U         PIRATE (NA)   Wolverine R.  0012 on w/SFX, ID twice at 0020, and into mx.  0115 echo ID and SSTV, and off at 0118.  Good signal.  (1 Nov.)

6925.16U    PIRATE (NA)   Renegade R.  On at 0105 w/”Halloween” movie theme, 0108 “Adams Family” theme song, 0109 “The Monster Mash”, 0112 “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon.  0116 horror SFX.  Seemed to go off at 0119.  Back on 0120 w/Black Sabbath.  0134 short ID between songs.  0156-0159 long ID anmnt saying he hasn’t been on for a while, and acknowledged listeners in HF Underground.  Poor but nearly 100% readable.  0210 “Halloween” movie theme, 0213 laughing and coughing, deadair, then “Bye bye” and off.  (1 Nov.)

6975U         PIRATE (NA)   Undercover R. (pres. relay)  0102-0111 start w/”Don’t tell them what we are doing” and ID for 2005 Halloween bdcst, then story abt diving, and off.  Back on at 0124 w/same start.  Poor but really picked up 10 min. later.  “Monster Mash” at 0140.  0225 closing ID anmnt by Dr. Benway for 2005 show.  Very fady.  (1 Nov.)

6930U         PIRATE (NA)   WJD  On at 0126 w/mechanized W giving ID “69-30 WJD”, then into Rap mx.  0133 same ID between songs.  Political tlk by M in UK accent.  0143 same ID in mid-tlk, and again at 0156.  0226 closing ID by same W stating 100,000 milliwatts and off.  (1 Nov.)

6945U         PIRATE (NA)   R. Free Furry  On at 2349 w/organ mx, then “Faith” by George Michael, “Every Breath You Take” The Police, “Physical” by Olivia Newton John, “Don’t Stop Believing” Journey, and many other top 40 songs.  Anmnt at 0057 but couldn’t copy.  0101 live ID by M between songs.  More ID anmnts at 0111, 0207, 0212, 0232, and one long last one 0248-0251, and it seemed off.  Fady like the others.  (1 Nov.)

6950U         PIRATE (NA)  Canadian Radio After Dark  Starting to get some mx at 0058.  Anmnt at 0111 but couldn’t copy.  Another anmnt 0123, 0141.  The peaks were better by 0130, but way too fady.  0153 ment of “…dot com” so must’ve been an e-mail addr.  0204 ment of “the show”.  Finally peaked enough during anmnt at 0248 giving canadianradioafterdark@gmail.com e-mail addr several times.  Didn’t recog. any songs.  Off at 0250.  Poor.  (1 Nov.)

6960           PIRATE (NA)   XFM  Already on when I restarted the recording at 0056.  usual Pop/Rock mx.  Live ID and chatter at 0124.  0246 ID, acknowledged listeners e-mails, etc.  Very good but had some lcl QRM for a long time.  Still going at 0251 when tuned out.  (1 Nov.)

I put together a video of my reception of all the above Pirate stations and posted it to Youtube.  If you care to watch, here's the link to the video  https://youtu.be/zBqrvzeiBqY


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA USA

Perseus SDR with 153 foot Delta Loop and 313 foot Beverage on the ground

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