sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2016

Fwd: 60-Meters 12/23/16 (UT)

Went to my radio site out of Wrightwood to photograph the sunset, and found 60 meters
FULL of great catches.  All the Urumqi frequencies were extremely strong, 4500, 4850,
4980, and 5060.  Beibu Bay on 5050 wasn't as good as yesterday, with no AIR Aizawl
underneath heard.  AIR Chennai was a powerhouse over Tibet on 4920.  Both Bhopal
(4810) and Jaipur (4910) were better than I have ever heard in the evening.  Gangtok on
4835 was very strong at 0100 sign/on, but faded by 0112 with QRM from WWCR. Even
Mongolia on 4830 had good modulation during a operatic singing piece at 0042, but not
so when anmts made.
No recording from the car, but I will try to do so tomorrow evening.
Merry Christmas,

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