sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2016

Fwd: December 7-10 Loggings

4949.8  ANGOLA   Radio Nacional Angola 1 @2331Z with US pops, "Carless Whisper" by George Michael.  Steady S-7 levels on a quiet 60MB this date.  Thanks Perry tip on this one. 12/07 RIPPEL, VA

4930.0  BOTSWANA  VOA @0328Z in EE. Discussion concerning world health care.  12/10  RIPPEL, VA

6130.0  LAOS  Lao National Radio @1156-1203 glad to hear this one 1st time this season and at better than average levels to boot.  Big bells and ID at 1200:30.  12/10  RIPPEL, VA   Audio clip, here:

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