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Fwd: 28-30 January Loggings

17640         MADAGASCAR   African Pathways R. (WCB)  Signal on at 1958, signature mx 1959, M w/opening anmnt.  Pleasant Afro mx for a few min. from 2002.  M and W anncrs and what sounded like live preaching.  Rel. tlk by M from 2041-2047 w/ment of Bible, Yahweh, the scriptures, etc.  Another pgm segment, then Jazz-like Afro mx.  2054 M w/voice-over EG ID "Thank you for listening to African Pathways Radio…" and freqs given, then cont. mx to 2056, deadair for abt 10 sec. and off.  Poor but getting better.  Tnx Dan Sheedy log.  (Valko 29 Jan.)

5915           ZAMBIA  ZNBC/R. One  0258 pleasant W vcl song, 0300 W anncr w/nice "Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation" ID then W continued over the song to 0302, then another song.  Best signal hrd here at this time in quite a while.  But still QRM from 5920.  (Valko 30 Jan.)

5025 Rebelde was off again last night but was back on again in this morning.  (Valko 30 Jan.)

2325           AUSTRALIA   ABC Tennant Creek   1044 end of song and host Rebecca McLaren w/song anmnt and ID "...on ABC Radio Darwin and the Northern Territory...", and interview of M.  1050 canned anmnt by M "ABC will be switching off its shortwave services in the Northern Territory tomorrow.  You'll still be able to hear ABC Radio on AM and FM, as well as online with the ABC Radio app.  All ABC Radio and digital services will continue to be available on the VAST satellite service.  You can find out more at  Or call the reception advice line on 1-300-13-9994", then promo/ID, Rebecca again, and into mx.  //2485, 4835 of course.  120mb outlets a little better than usual this morning.  4835 really strong.  (Valko 30 Jan.)


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA

Perseus with Wellbrook ALA1530S and 153 foot Delta Loop

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