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Fwd: Ethnic Radio

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Ethnic Radio



May the Lord bless you and yours;


Per request from Jairo Sangama and his brother Gabriel  ( I call him Tio)  


Funds were raised to purchase chocolate refining equipment. The  idea is that they can get twice the price for the chocolate harvest after processing .  


Some of the proceeds will go to help Radio Logos with operating expenses.


The equipment will be installed at Gabriel's house because he has 3 phase power . This may be in progress as we speak.


Per my advice he has a contract with the church to manage the project.


Jairo said the  Christian brothers are really excited about this and are clearing land to plant more cacao trees.


The cost was $ 3,500. PTL $ 2,500 came in from a Missions Aviation fair that I spoke at in PA this past summer.


More good news! 

Dany Parado will be going to Llata soon to do a training course and clean the equipment.


The FM radio license for Radio Logos is close to being granted.   They first give a one year permit to build the station.


An awesome Crown Transmitter was just donated.   Lots of planning ahead!


We have 3 FM stations pending in Colombia , and a short wave station in Pucallpa, Peru.


God Bless.   


SIL Ethnic Radio Director.

Ray Rising

5207 Davis Road

Waxhaw, NC 28173

For on line giving:

With note, a gift for AMG-Ethnic Radio

993042 AMG


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