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Fwd: log MCDXN

Mosquito Coast DX News  -  Jan 21  2017

We are returning on an experimental basis! Greetings to all dxers of good will . rlw

Shortwave Loggings for: January 18, 2017— Mark Coady - Ontario

For the second day in a row I am stuck at home thanks to an extended period of freezing rain that had serious accumulations on the frozen ground. Thank goodness I have radio as a hobby. There is ice on my antennas but I've been able to burn some of that off when transmitting on the ham HF bands.
All loggings are in English unless otherwise stated.

6170 ROMANIA RRI at 2145 // 7310 and 7375 with a man reporting on the 300,000 plus Romanian children dealing with the loss of their parents whether through death or dealing with their parents working abroad which leaves them feeling abandoned – Fair to Good Jan 18 (Coady-ON)

9580 AUSTRALIA Radio Australia at 1216 with Philip Adams' "Late Night Live" - Poor and noisy Jan 18 Coady-ON – Less than two weeks left to hear this one via shortwave. For this listener, who doesn't do internet radio, I will really miss their programming.

11600 PRIDNESTROVIE Denge Kurdistane at 1411 in Kurdish with a man and woman with long talks with brief local music bridges – Fair to Good Jan 18 Coady-ON – Dan Ferguson's SW Skeds Yahoo group has this one being via Pridnestrovie 1300 to 1500 and via Bulgaria after 1500.

11600 BULGARIA Denge Kurdistane at 1500 in Kurdish with OC then male vocals from 1501 to 1503 and a man with talk – Poor Jan 18 Coady-ON

11670 FRANCE Radio Al-Mukhtar at 1505 in Arabic with a man with talk with Middle Eastern music bridges to 1511 and Middle Eastern instrumentals – Poor Jan 18 Coady-ON

11750 SOUTH AFRICA AWR at 2031 in Yoruba with a woman with talk with an African music bridge at 2032 and more talk then ID and address at 2040 – Very Good Jan 18 Coady-ON

11800 SOUTH AFRICA NHK World Radio Japan at 1758 with Babcock signature tune to 1800 and opening music and a man with ID of "This is NHK World Radio Japan broadcasting from Tokyo. We are now commencing our broadcast in English" and into a man and woman with news at 1801 – Fair to Good Jan 18 Coady-ON – NHK has a limited number of English broadcasts: 0500 to 0530 on 9770 and 13640 (respectively via France and the UAE); 1100 to 1130 on 11825 (via Singapore); 1400 to 1430 on 11685 and 11925 (respectively via Uzbekistan and Palau); 1800 to 1830 on 11800 (via South Africa); and 1930 to 2000 on 9485 and 9625 (respectively via the Vatican and direct from Japan)

11810 EAST GERMANY The Voice of Oromo Liberation (via Nauen) at 1748 in listed Amharic with a man with talk and local instrumentals at 1750 – Very Poor with heavy jamming Jan 18 Coady-ON

11900 BOTSWANA VOA at 1855 in Amharic with a man and woman with talk commenting on English sound bytes from Donald Trump – Good with no jamming for a change Jan 18 Coady-ON

11945 MADAGASCAR World Christian Broadcasting suddenly on at 1859 in Egyptian Arabic with Middle Eastern music then a man and woman with talk from 1900 – Very Good Jan 18 Coady-ON

13800 MADAGASCAR Radio Dabanga at 1532 in Sudanese Arabic with a man with a "Radio Dabanga" ID and into news with sound bytes – Fair Jan 18 Coady-ON

15140 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman at 1420 with a man introducing some Irish jigs recorded in Dublin to 1423 then introducing an Irish jig by a group from Massachusetts and rock music at a 1428 re-check then ID and a program promo at 1431 – Fair with fading Jan 18 Coady-ON

15235 SOUTH AFRICA Channel Africa at 1738 with an African-accented woman interviewing a man about the influence of elderly women on much of African society – Fair but noisy Jan 18 Coady-ON

15300 FRANCE RFI at 1732 // 13740 in French with Gabon vs. Burkina Faso Africa Cup of Nations football coverage – Very Good Jan 18 Coady-ON

15420 SOUTH AFRICA BBC at 1540 with "Sport Today" covering the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament – Poor to Fair Jan 18 Coady-ON

15490 SOUTH AFRICA AWR at 1726 in Swahili with an African choral anthem and a female hymn and a woman with ID at 1730 of "This is Adventist World Radio, the Voice of Hope. The following program is in Masaal" – Good Jan 18 Coady-ON

17700 BOTSWANA VOA at 1544 in Hausa with a man and woman with talk – Fair Jan 18 Coady-ON
17720 MADAGASCAR AWR at 1717 in Swahili with a man with talk then a woman with talk at 1718 – Poor and noisy Jan 18 Coady-ON

17795 USA KVOH (The Voice of Hope) at 1716 in Spanish with a man with talk – Poor and noisy Jan 18 Coady-ON
Mark Coady, Selwyn, Ontario, Drake SPR4 Receiver, Drake TR7, Kenwood TS440S, and YouKits TJ5A Transceivers, AEA AT-300 and MFJ-941E Manual Tuners, LDG Z-100 Plus Auto Tuner, 40 meter and 80 meter off centre-fed dipoles

Shortwave Loggings for: January 19, 2017

Not a lot of loggings today as after two days of being stuck inside at Ice Station Zebra I was finally able to get into town this morning. All of the rock salt and salt sand mixture had been snatched up. So, not to fear, I picked up two bags of Loblaws No Name kitty litter. It works just as well as the other stuff and will mix in with the dirt and gravel in the driveway once springtime hits.
All loggings are in English unless otherwise stated.

5960 ALBANIA CRI at 2108 // 7285 with another repeat edition of "Roundtable" with a man and woman talking about a provincial governor who had been charged with fraud and embezzlement – Good Jan 19 Coady-ON

5980 TURKEY Voice of Turkey at 2111 in Turkish with a man and woman with gentle banter – Fair Jan 19 Coady-ON

6155 FRANCE Radio Algerienne at 2113 in Arabic with Islamic Call to Prayer – Poor and noisy Jan 19 Coady-ON

6195 SAO TOME VOA at 2116 with of American pop vocals – Poor and noisy Jan 19 Coady-ON

7455 PRIDNESTROVIE Denge Kurdistane at 2054 in Kurdish with haunting male vocals with string and woodwind accompaniment then a kind of fanfare at 2100 and a man with ID and possible news headlines and into a man with possible news in depth – Good Jan 19 Coady-ON

9690 SPAIN REE at 2044 in Spanish with excited football coverage – Very Good Jan 19 Coady-ON
11955 FRANCE RFI at 2047 in French with excited Senegal vs. Zimbabwe Africa Cup of Nations football coverage – Very Good Jan 19 Coady-ON

Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA

4925 V24 Korean #s Station 1438-42* 13 January. Poor-but-there with KR #-groups..1st day reactivated was 11 Jan. according to info from "Poyfull" on www.radio.chobi.net (& thanks Poyfull!) (Dan Sheedy)

5895 BBC (Tashkent) *1500-20 13 January. Nice to hear Central Asia, even if it's "just" BBC, //7465 (Kranji) with world news to :06 & followed by tech. news.  (Dan Sheedy)

6075 CRI (Kashi-Saibagh) 0125-0145 14 January. Another "poor-but-there" signal //6020 (Cerrik) with Beijing Hour..also 'way tentatively heard on 6180 u/ RNB.  (Dan Sheedy)

9835 1508+ 13 January. Firedragon (7415) + KPRZ (1210 x 2) & not even a hint of a blip of a smidgen of usually well-heard Sarawak FM.  (Dan Sheedy)

Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA PL380/6m X wire [v2.0]


Robert Wilkner   - Pompano Beach FL

2325  Australia   VL8T Tennant Creek  NT 1155 yl chat, fading in , brief music bridge, note  to 1220 (Wilkner- FL)

2485  Australia,  VL8K Katherine NT -1145 to 1210 fading in and out with om and yl chat,  threshold level, 21 January (Wilkner- FL)

2850  North Korea , Korean Central Broadcasting Station,  presumed, with yl 1150 to 1213  threshold signal while testing new antenna.  20 January (Wilkner- FL)

4045U   Bahamas,  Hog Cay 1212  to 1215  sailing motor  vessel requesting weather  information for proposed voyage ,  21 January (Wilkner- FL)

4045U  Florida,  Panama City,1215 sailing vessel in port requesting weather information for next week.  21 January (Wilkner- FL)

4750  Unid   1200 yl in language, good signal but gone by 1210  18 January (Wilkner- FL)

4824.49 Perú  La Voz de la Selva,   Iquitos, seemingly the one  2340 to 2355 on in Spanish, weak signal as usual 18 January (Wilkner- FL)

6134.85 Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz 2250 to 2310 one ID by om this in lsb with 6135.20 Brasil Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP in usb same time with PT alas weaker signal - 18 January (Wilkner- FL)

Robert Wilkner  Pompano Beach FL - 746Pro - Drake R8 - NRD 525 - noise reducing antenna

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