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Fwd: Loggings, January 2017

Here are most of the loggings from this month so far:

6049.99   LIBERIA   ELWA  Gospel Pop-like mx from 2326.  No sign of HCJB.  2336 live M anncr w/happy new years greeting, poss. ment of Liberia, "God bless you and Happy New Year to you".  More mx.  Closing anmnt by same M w/"ELWA Radio" ID, then NA and off at 0002.  (7 Jan.)

5950   ETHIOPIA   V.O. the Tigray Revolution  Although the carrier came on around 0254, the flute IS didn't start until 0302.  Fair at best.  (7 Jan.)

6089.96  BRAZIL   R. Bandeirantes  Found the Caribbean Beacon off when I checked the band at 0740 and this here w/tlk by M, although it was a little too weak to determine the lang.  But I did hear the usual Kitty Cat meowing at 0743, 0744, and 0746.  And at 0748, it peaked enough to tell it was definitely PT.  Trailed off a bit after 0800.  (12 Jan.)

7259.96   VANUATU   R. Vanuatu  0754 noted a W tlking, almost able to copy.  Same W hrd in Pidgin on the Freemans Ranch Australia web rx.  (12 Jan.)

7254.94   NIGERIA   V.O. Nigeria  0758 usual drum IS, then W anncr in EG w/ID, gave her name, pgm rundown, then ID "You're listening to the English service of Voice of Nigeria...", and M w/pgm intro giving website at 0800.  Fair signal.  (12 Jan.)

15420   CLANDESTINE   R. Itahuka (via Madagascar)  Big OC came on at 1757, but went off the air at 1800 just as the pgm started w/Afro Pop mx.  Came back on at 1800:35 followed seconds later w/M in mid-anmnt in pres. Kinyarwanda w/ID.  Into apparent political feature w/same M and a diff. deep-voiced M w/ments of Rwanda and America.  Also had some sound bites from remote reporter.  (Valko 14 Jan.)

6000   ARMENIA  R. Adygeyskoye (tent.)  Signal here from the start at 1925.  Sounded like a W anncr once at 1940.  Maybe mx at 1955.  W anncr at 1958.  Signal went off at 2000:03 on schedule.  Seemed strong enough on peaks, but modulation must have been really low.  Hrd on a micro-DXpedition.  (Valko 15 Jan.)

5790   PIRATE (NA) (religious)  YHWH  At 0303 got an ID sounding like "You're listening to station YHWH", then a mention of "...e-mail address ??WH...".  Rel. tlk w/many ments of Yaweh.  Unfortunately there was some noise just on the upper side and I had the tuner bypassed.  Good on peaks.  (Valko 19 Jan.)
I had half a dozen or so loggings from this morning to send out but lost them when the laptop battery died.  So, from (short term) memory, here is what I can recall:

3310   BOLIVIA   R. Mosoj Chaski   Was surprised to find this suddenly go off the air as soon as I rechecked them at 1025:22.  Was fairly good earlier.  (Valko 25 Jan.)

6134.83   BOLIVIA   R. Santa Cruz  Excellent signal this morning w/usual full canned ID in SP by M over instru. mx at 1001, then into lovely rustic flute mx.  (Valko 25 Jan.)

6160.04   BRAZIL   Super R. Boa Vontade  Quite audiable at 0916 t/in w/live studio W anncr in PT w/ments of "Deus e amor", espirito, and Cristo.  Also bon dia.  0917 clear ment of Boa Vontade.  Very rarely get IDable audio on this.  CKZN mixing in by 0930.  Although still audible at 0945, CKZN way on top.  Hrd the same pgming quite well on the Pardinho Brazil web rx.  (Valko 25 Jan.)

11895.08   BRAZIL  Super R. Boa Vontade  Found as soon as I turned the rx on at 0906 w/childrens choir, then W host in definite PT.  Faded pretty quickly.  Came back later at 1009 (while listening to Gaucha) and noted the same studio W anncr as hrd earlier and also on 6160.04 and the Pardinho Brazil web rx.  Very fady signal, but sometimes fairly decent easily readable on peaks.  Looked like the only stns on 25m were from Brazil at this time!!  (Valko 25 Jan.)

11915   BRAZIL  R. Gaucha  Shocked to find this on at 1009-1030 in apparent nx pgm w/M and W hosting (mainly M anncr) in PT.  Ment of Gaucha near end of ad block just as I tuned in, and again later.  Time ticks noted at 1015 and 1030.  Oddly, this was in the clear here, but was extremely weak way in the background under Taiwan in IN on the Pardinho Brazil web rx.  Seemed to be a negligible 3 or 4 hertz above 11915.  Having not hrd it in many months, I thought this was either long gone or temporarily inactive.  I see one of the last loggings was from Manuel Mendez in early October, so maybe it's been off since then.  Nice to see it's still around.  (Valko 25 Jan.)


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S loop, and 153 foot Delta Loop

minor correction

ARM  ITU call mean Armavir Krasnodar oblast bcast center
north of Caucasus in Russia,

Yerevan Armenia fit as  ERV  ITU call instead.

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