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Fwd: Your Ticuna Ethnic Recording Studio

Radio Logos 4810 kHz 

Thank you for blessing the Ticuna speaking people living in Brazil, Columbia and Peru, SA.


You have been faithfully praying for and giving to this evangelistic tool for some time. Jesus has honored your efforts.


God honoring radio programs have been

blessing the isolated villages as well as  the city dwellers.


The Radio stations in this area are eager to broad cast programs in Ticuna because it increases their listening audience.


As you watch  the video and listen to the  testimonies you discover the language is very musical. That's because it is five tonal. One word can mean five different things depending on the pitch.

Can you imagen?


·       The first link is the video with many listener testimonies.

·       The next two are individual radio programs.

·       The last one is the Ethnic Recording Studio Accountant's report.

Not being a number cruncher myself

I often wondered how they managed.

Notice here they are dealing with the Peso and the US $ exchange rate. You will also notice the number spoken of, flashes. Awesome.





Hola Amiguitos,    Muchas gracias por todo tu apoyo con ese proyecto.   Dios les bendiga.

From: Camilogico . [mailto:camilogico@hotmail.com]
Sent: martes, diciembre de 2016  
Puedes ver el video informe en el siguiente link.



Nivel 1


Nivel 2



El video que explica los gastos y la ejecución del presupuesto esta en este link



Un gran abrazo


Mil bendiciones.



Camilo Enrique Rodr??guez
Cel: 3204007620


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