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Mosquito Coast DX News  -  April  9 - 2017

3945 RRI Ternate 1325-1435+ 14 March. JBA with Indo chat, IN ballads..didn't sound like ID break @ TOH (played flute-heavy tune through 1400). (Dan Sheedy)

4870 RRI Wamena (T) 1328-1345+ 16 March. Another JBA/imaginary-level audio morning for these guys..music with occasional DJ chat clear before (P) AIR/Voice of Kashmir (Delhi) opened @ 1330 (causing usual het & making JBA into RJBA (really JBA *:(( crying). Aoki also shows AIR (Delhi) in Nepali 1330-1430 here, but dunno if they are active.  (Dan Sheedy)

5905 Echo of Unification (Pyongyang) 1425-32* 11, 12 March. Relaxed KR chat, some KR MOR with very distinctive closing tune..some CCI from CRI (Kashi-Saibagh) in RU.  (Dan Sheedy)

9585 TWR (Manzini) *1453-1500+ 12 March. IS/ID loop into opening organ tune followed by forceful "inspirational" talk in FR. Now that RA is off 9580, TWR is a daily visitor with a fair signal.  (Dan Sheedy)

9590 Firedragon music jammer 2035-2100* 10 March. Weak but completely covering RFA's 20-21 CH program.  (Dan Sheedy)

(all logs: Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA PL380/6m X wire)

All loggings are in English unless otherwise stated.
6090 JAPAN NHK World Radio Japan at 1122 in Korean with a man and woman with talk and a woman mentioning "NHK" at 1123 then light Japanese female vocals – Fair Apr 3 Coady-ON – It was sure nice to hear something on this frequency other than the distorted audio of Pastor Melissa Scott.

6165 MYANMAR Thazin Radio presumed the one at 1114 in Burmese with South Asian male vocals and a man with brief talk and into South Asian female vocals – Weak but audible Apr 3 Coady-ON

7300 CHINA CNR1 at 1127 in Mandarin jamming RTI in Mandarin with a man with excited talk – Weak but audible Apr 3 Coady-ON

7425 NEW ZEALAND RNZI at 1045 with a man with "Dateline Pacific" news headlines and into an interview of a financial advisor to the Papua New Guinea government – Fair Apr 3 Coady-ON

9440 CHINA CRI at 1129 in Amoy with a woman with talk then a man with talk over music at 1130 – Weak but audible Apr 3 Coady-ON – Amoy is a Chinese dialect spoken largely in the City of Amoy in Xiamen along the Straits of Taiwan and is quite similar to the Taiwanese dialect.

9610 CUBA RHC at 1140 // 9710, 9820, and 9850 with a possible Spanish version of Arne Coro's "DXers Unlimited" - Fair Apr 3 Coady-ON – Talk about over-use of a band! Just how many 31 meter band frequencies does RHC need at this time? Outside of DXers like me in North America and Europe and those on the Indian subcontinent just how many listeners does RHC think they really have?

9865 INDIA AIR (via Bengaluru) at 1147 with the "Vividh Bharati" service with subcontinental vocals – Fair Apr 3 Coady-ON
11580 USA Radio Slovakia International at 2100 with a man with ID and "RSI News" to 2103 and "Topical Issue" on the EU's Schengen area and how Slovakia benefits from it - Fair Apr 3 Coady-ON

11610 MADAGASCAR World Christian Broadcasting (KNLS) at 2105 in Mandarin with the end of western female hip-hop vocals and into a man with talk – Good Apr 3 Coady-ON

11735 TANZANIA-ZANZIBAR ZBC Radio at 2035 in Swahili with East African pop vocals to 2049 with no announcements and abruptly off – Good signal but still with pulsing sound Apr 3 Coady-ON

11740 INDIA-GOA AIR (via Panaji) at 2127 // 9445 with subcontinental vocals to 2130 and a woman with ID and into subcontinental instrumentals – Poor but audible Apr 3 Coady-ON

11810 ASCENSION ISLAND BBC at 2050 with "Newshour" with a man with news headlines for the hour and into a story about how FARC revolutionaries have offered to assist the government in Colombia in aiding victims of devastating landslides – Good Apr 3 Coady-ON

Coady-ON: Mark Coady, Selwyn, Ontario, Kenwood TS440S or Ten-Tec Argonaut II and 40 and 80 meter off centre-fed dipoles


1180   FLORIDA   Radio Marti, Marathon, 0140, making a rare appearance against multiple Rebelde outlets, which did not seem well synchronized this evening. Marti usually the weaker of the two, but occasionally briefly dominating. (5 April 2017)  (XM)

3925  JAPAN  R Nikkei, Nagara, 1041, apparent cmntry, poor signal, mostly unintelligible (5 April 2017)  (XM)

4885  BRASIL  R Clube do Para, 0037, apparent soccer match, good signal (5 April 2017) (XM)

4925.1  BRASIL  R Rural, Tefe, 1027, M w/ PT cmntry, fair (5 April 2017)  (XM)

5025  CUBA   R Rebelde 0347, powered down to where it was only seldom even at threshold, no signs of R Quillabamba (5 April 2017)  (XM)

5040  CUBA   R Habana, 0040, 0152, experiencing severe xmtr problems, loud hums, modulation problems, weaker than usual signal (5 April 2017) (XM)

5952.3  BOLIVIA  R Pio XII, 1038, fair signal, SP, I think it was a preacher but not sure (5 April 2017)  (XM)

6050  ECUADOR  HCJB Pichincha, 1050, W in Vernaculars, w/ Andean-sounding relig mx, about the only really good signal in this morning (5 April 2017)  (XM)

6070  CANADA  CFRX  Toronto, 1040, apparent cmntry, poor, not nearly as good as usual 5 April 2017)  (XM)

6165  MYANMAR  Thazin R, presumed, 1056, vernaculars, poor (5 April 2017)  (XM)

XM -  Cedar Key -  Florida
NRD525D  - R8A - E5


3310 Bolivia Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba 0025 to 0100..  om and yl  0025 -0027 rapid talk in Quechua, 0057 yl vocalist. Better than average signal 9 April (Wilkner)

4055 Guatemala, Radio Verdad 0000 to 0035  marimba music, good signal strength 9 April (Wilkner)

4747.5  Perú Radio  Huanta 2000 Huanta Ayacucho 0050 to 0100 under Codar om in Spanish, weak siganl strength  -9 April (Wilkner)

4774.9 Perú Radio Tarma, Tarma  0010 to 0015 om in Spanish under massive Codar- 9 April (Wilkner)

4805 Brasil Radio Difusora do Amazonas,Manaus  noted 0020 to 0030, weak by steady signal with om Portuguese   - 9 April (Wilkner)

4875.1  Brasil Rdif Roraima, Boa Vista RR 0020 to 0025 melodic music, good signal, often off the air   - 9 April (Wilkner)

4950.1 Unid possibly   Angola,  Radio Nacional de Angola,  PT ? not enough signal - 9 April (Wilkner)

5952.4  Bolivia Pio XII, Siglo Veinte  0025 to 0035 om and yl  covered by co-channel signal  9 April (Wilkner)

6134.85 Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz 0025 to 0040 om in Spanish with on ID & ments de Bolivia   9 April (Wilkner)

6173.89 Unid -might be- Perú, Radio Tawantinsuyo,  Cusco 0030 to 0035 some weak audio in lsb 9 April (Wilkner)

Robert  Wilkner
Pompano Beach, South Florida
746Pro - Drake R8  NRD 525

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