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Mosquito Coast DX News - 24 April 2016

Mosquito Coast DX News  - 24 April 2016

171 Morocco Medi 1  2342 om chat constant until music begins 2356  through the hour. 14 April (Wilkner)

3289.9  Guyana, Voice of Guyana  10101 to 1015 om chat, no music difficult signal with ute interference  23 April (Wilkner )

3310 Bolivia Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba  1015 yl soprano vocal with flauta andina and percussion to 1020 when om in Quechua  23 April (Wilkner )

3325 Unid 1020  to 1030 threshold signal om in language 23 April (Wilkner )

3375.1 Brasil,  Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira 1000 to 1021 with shouted ID by om  23 April (Wilkner )

4747.4 Peru, Huanta 2000, 1136, about the only audible Latin tonight, fair with huayno. Even the normally strong Rebelde was very weak. 22/4. (David Sharp NSW)

4764.98 Tajik Radio, 1920, fair with lang man and response by a woman. 22/4 (David Sharp NSW)

4805 Brasil Radio Difusora do Amazonas,Manaus 1020 to 1030 om in PT, seems to have returned to frequency or bad conditions prevented logs  23 April (Wilkner)

4824.49 T. Perú  La Voz de la Selva,   Iquitos  2300 to 2330 weak seemingly locutor en español, 14 April (Wilkner)

4925.2 Brasil    Radio Educação Rural, Tefé, AM  1025 to 1040 om and yl in Portuguese , good signal 23 April (Wilkner)

4949.69 RN de Angola, noted in passing at 1913 with excited talk by man. Low audio, but at least something is getting through to copy. 22/4 (David Sharp NSW).

5009.99 Radio Malagasy, 1853, low audio but local music getting through ok. 22/4 (David Sharp NSW)

5066.44 Democratic Congo, Radio CANDIP, 1900+, unusually strong with news or similar, good copy despite nearby noisy transformer. 22/4 (David Sharp NSW).

5935 Shiokaze/Sea Breeze (Yamata) 1325-30+ 14 April. Good signal today in EG w/ ID/contact info, "Daily News Flash".  (Dan Sheedy)

6035 Yunnan PBS (Kunming) 1342-1400+ 19 April, 1339-1358 20 April. Thanks to Ron Howard's tip, finally heard their TOH EG ID: "This is the Voice Shangri-La.." on the 19th, & a bit more of the ID on the 20th @ 1354: "Yunnan Radio and Television.."..YPBS is mostly CH chat with what sounds like PSAs/ads during their 13-14 CH hour, so for musical entertainment I stick with Voice of Jinling-6200. (Dan Sheedy)

6070  Canada CFRX Toronto 1024 - 1030  commercial for “Red Tag Day” , strong signal 23 April (Wilkner) 

6089.97 Nigeria? Suspect Kaduna at 1939 mixing with a couple of other stations but not much more than a low rumbling het on low side. Possible snippets of hilife in LSB but very difficult copy. 22/4 (David Sharp NSW)

6115 Radio Congo, 1810, FR, very low audio but has to be this with news and local references. Wasn't noted when I tried for them last weekend (local time), the only days I'm home at this time to listen. 22/4 (David Sharp NSW)

6130 Swaziland, TWR, good with lang hymns at 1925, into Portuguese sermon, 22/4. (David Sharp NSW)

6134.85 Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz 2300 with ID by on on 14 April (Wilkner)

6135.2  Brasil Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP 2300 to 2316 Portuguese programming om chat no ID 14 April;  2330 to 2345 ments de Aparecida by om, sound effects  23 April (Wilkner)

6190 La Voz Alegre/MWV (Mahajanga) 0210-0217+ 16 April. Fair signal with SP programming. "Esta escuchando La Voz Alegre" ID followed by Miami p-mail/web addresses & mention of production help from "Radio Mundial.." & Florida International University. (Dan Sheedy)

6230 USB Australia VMW Wiluna, 1930+ noted in passing with WA maritime forecast. 22/4 (David Sharp NSW)

6600 Korea, Voice of the People, 1949, heavily jammed but clear copy if tuned in USB, passionate talk by a Korean man. // 6518. 22/4 (David Sharp NSW)

7206.07v Unid, 1940, only a strong open carrier. Ideas? 22/4 (David Sharp NSW)

7200a Myanmar Radio (Yangon) 1346+ 14-20 April. Always a nice signal from MR with what sounds like Burmese "cowboy" music mixed with some "local" romantic ballads, distinctive bells/gongs @ 1400 [& thanks to Ron Howard for the help], caught the tail-end of the ID @ 1400 on 19 April w/ a few mentions of "kilohertz.."--Aoki has MR sked to 1500 but heard past 1516 on 15 April, so perhaps their schedule is flexible. (Dan Sheedy)

8294u  tent. Vietnam, Vietnam Coast Radio Station 1055 to 1100 yl  with ute on top 23 April (Wilkner)

8743 USB Thailand, Bangkok Meteo Radio, 1944, interval signal, ID by English man, schedule, into forecast, "isolated thundershowers." 22/4 (David Sharp NSW).

8828u Hong Kong - Cape d'Aguilar-  1045 Hong Kong Volmet wx information 23 April (Wilkner)

8989u  Nicaragua "El  Pescador Preacher"   2350 to 0000 strong in Spanish with religious message   14 April (Wilkner)

9650 Guinea (and non). Heard Conakry twice, the first time was 0715 on 16/4 and the last reception was after 0700 19/4, with news or similar by a woman. Cochannel competition from North Korea after 0730 but still fair copy. Hopefully they will be back on. Suspect faults were repaired, only to lead to further issues after just a few days operation. Have checked other known freqs for Conakry but all are silent. (David Sharp NSW)

9600 MADAGASCAR, Madagascar World Voice, presumed, 2359-0003, 0050, carrier first noted at 2359, by 0001 there was a threshold signal of very poor quality, it was still there at 0050.  This comes in much weaker than the 17640 African Pathways Radio service which was hd several days ago. April 20-21, 2016 (XM)

9600 KNLS/MWV (Mahajanga) 0018-59* 16 April. Carrier detected by :18, EG audio surfacing around :31 with hymns/sermon-y chat, better by :49 with contact info, Bible study promo, percussion intro-outro to KNLS' USA address, ID: "This is Your New Life Station.." followed by sked "Pacific Rim, 11870 kilohertz [which is KNLS (Anchor Point)], Asia 9665 at 0100 hours [KNLS (Mahajanga)..", & closing with "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.  (Dan Sheedy)

9665 KNLS/MWV (Mahajanga) *0058-0105+ 16 April. OC, "This is Your New Life Station", horn IS to TOH, then fanfare/hymn into ID/contact info/program preview..opening musical selection was Walk The Moon's "Shut Up & Dance"--a pretty zippy tune [& video] for folks trying to enlighten us heathen, but what do I know? (Dan Sheedy)

11705 RJ/NHKWR (Medorn, PALAU) 1408-15+ 19 April. Loud in EG with world news, "Insight" (items included the possible/probable impeachment of Brazil's president & the economic effects of such an action, Chinese military planes landing on the man-made Spratly Island of "Fiery Cross" reef), ID & into "Radio Japan Focus" @ :15.  (Dan Sheedy)

15440 AWR (Moosbrunn) 1405+ 19 April. No sign of WRMI/LDPOG this morning, so AWR's 1400-30 Urdu program was in the clear with inspirational chat, AWR website/contact info (including a PO Box in Lahore, Pakistan). WRMI back on 1400+ 20 April with just bits of Urdu tunes from AWR 'way in the background.  (Dan Sheedy)

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