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Fwd: 25-26 November Zion PA DX Session, 4 December 2016 Micro-DXpedition Loggings

  Dave Valko 25-26 November Zion PA DX Session, 4 December 2016 
25-26 November 2016:  Don Moore and his parents were kind enough to host another DX session at his parents home in Zion, PA.  Brett Saylor and I joined Don for the night of DX and were not disappointed.  Although Don had a number of TAs earlier in the week, almost nothing was showing up the night that we convened for the official session.  Instead, LAs were improved.  Due to space limitations and to eliminate redundancy, I edited out my MW loggings here.  However, you can view our loggings, info, pictures, and also listen to some of our recordings on Brett's Zion DX session website at  http://www.radiodxing.com/zion2016/zion2016.html  I want to point out that loggings continue to be added as the SDR recordings are being reviewed.  Besides Bretts webpage, you can also watch a short video made during the DX session posted on Youtube at  https://youtu.be/wGeU46dOJdc  Please have a look.

9525.89      INDONESIA   V.O. Indonesia  2000 instru. mx w/W voice-over EG ID anmnt, then canned anmnt by M. (Valko  25 Nov.)
15475.97    ANTARCTICA   LRA36 (tent.)  Certainly sounded like mx at 2052.  Positively had mx on very short peaks at 2053:25, 2101:15, 2102:05.  M anncr at 2104:55??  Went off at 2109:05.  Tuned in USB.  (Valko  25 Nov.)
5914.99      ZAMBIA   ZNBC/Radio One  2135 M host in vern. taking phone callers.  Ment of Zambia.  Brief Afro Pops between callers at 2144.  Getting some co-channel QRM at this time.  Suddenly went off at 2145:30.  (Valko  25 Nov.) 

9345           ARMENIA   TWR India (via Yerevan)  Signal on at 1243, IS at 1244, then M w/opening ID anmnt including freqs, then brief rel. choral song w/many hallelujahs, and studio W anncr host.  (Valko  26 Nov.)

17845         UAE   R. Ergo (relay)  1248 tlk by W in apparent Somali, HoA mx.  W returned at 1258, then choral singing.  And off at 1259:28.  Really fady signal.  Have never had any luck hearing this.  Used the 820 foot 60° BOG.  (Valko  26 Nov.)
5990           CHINA   Qinghai PBS  Notice a carrier w/1 khz test tone at 2229 and started recording.  Tone off at 2241 and lively dramatic instru. started 27 sec. later.  2250 usual s/on routine of instru. anthem song, instru. mx and opening CH anmnt by M, and a slew of canned anmnts to the ToH.  Usual soft signature melody, 2+1 higher pitched time ticks at 2300, and W w/ID.  Best ever hrd but still slop QRM from 5985 WRMI.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/eg_ipa-X6Ek  (Valko  26 Nov.)

7520           INDIA   AIR Delhi  Could hear subcont. mx plainly under National Unity R. OC at 1159.  Audible mixing w/NUR when they were tlking.  (Valko  3 Dec.)

11895.09    BRAZIL   Super R. Boa Vontade  Surprised to find this coming and audible after 1010 w/PT rel. tlk by alternating M and W pgm hosts over instru. mx, same with a very strong signal received on a kiwi SDR.hu web rx from Pardinha S.P. Brazil.  1014 web site by W anncr.  1015:55 W mentioned Boa Vontade, and "Cristo" at 1016:50, and amor and palabra.  ID anmnt by M at 1020:45.  Most readable audio yet but very fady.  Peaking 1015-1020.  Nearly as good as Brasil Central.  Porto Alegre was already 2 hours into daylight at this time but still 2 hours before sunrise here.  Nothing on 9550 here but huge signal in S.P.  All other 25mb ZYs (11735, 11765, 11780, 11815, 11855, 11925, 11935) there at this time.  (Valko  4 Dec.)
4 December 2016 Micro-DXpedition:
RX:  Perseus SDR
ANT:  313' Beverage (BOG) aimed at 60°.
Duration:  1415-2100 UTC.
4920           USA   UNID.  Getting a spur or something here at 1419.  I thought it was 5015 WRMI at this time but it wasn't // later.  Could be a harmonic of my lcl stn WCRO on 1230.  Didn't think to check.  (Valko  4 Dec.)

4835           AUSTRALIA   ABC Local R., Alice Spring  Could still just barely hear the M anncr host through the CODAR at 1426.  Caught it again later on the long path peaking around 2040.  (Valko  4 Dec.)

7590           CLANDESTINE   North Korea Reform R. (via Uzbekistan)  1434 tlk feature by M.  Lang. didn't sound like KR until 1440.  W anncr briefly at 1442, then back to M w/interview of another M.  W again at 1445:50 plainly audible.  Another peak at 1448:00.  Still tlking when I returned at 1455.  Still there at 1517 check w/tlk but very weak.  Due to the late time, figured this time of the year would be the only chance of hearing this freq, and I was right.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/pPwPgOppcrE  (Valko  4 Dec.)

15140         OMAN   R. Sultanate of Oman  1449 Pop/Dance mx, 1451 M in EG w/song anmnt then tlk about European Soccer sounding almost like a NA Pirate.  Strong but low modulation.  (Valko  4 Dec.)
15190         BULGARIA   IRRS, (relay)  Big OC at 1459, 1500 start w/EG interview in progress w/pgm "Counterspin".  IRRS addr by M at 1504,  Asian Rock mx,  Addr at 1529, start of the next segment and signal gone at 1530:45.  Good.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/SuiqGrw1RQA  (Valko  4 Dec.)

6165           INDIA   AIR Bengaluru,  Nice signal w/subcont. at 1427, ID by M w/freq in apparent Sindhi at 1430.  Later, subcont. vcl mx from 1522.  M anncr at 1526.  Much weaker than earlier, but audiable.  Still getting mx at 1540.  Better at 1555 w/more mx.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/NEmqv9KYhRY  (Valko  4 Dec.)

17850         CLANDESTINE   V.O. Independent Oromo (via Issoudun)   OC at 1558, 1600 pgm start w/HoA choral music and M w/clear voice-over ID opening anmnt.  1601 anmnt by M w/instru. mx, then feature by W w/ment of democracy, Somalia.  M came in, then the severe jamming started at 1604.  Fairly good until then.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/jUb0jqW7oUM  (Valko  4 Dec.)

15124         MALI   CRI (relay)  1608 found 1 khz off-freq w/tlk by M in AR, then Pop-like orchestral vcl mx.  M returned 1611.  Poor to fair and fady.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/Y4TxNYrP2Cg  (Valko  4 Dec.)

6150           PIRATE (NA)  R. Iluminati  While watching the band in the display, saw this come on w/OC at 1630:40, then nice ID/IS routine of IDs over beginning of "Bitter Fingers" by Elton John played over and over.  1634-1637 "Soul and Inspiration" by The Righteous Brothers.  1637-1639 started "Bend Me, Shape Me" but was having trouble with the signal going off.  1639 "Love Is All Around" by The Troggs.  Second only to 6070 CFRX in strength.  Good strength and nice audio.  S9+10 at 1641.  A pleasant coincidence I was tuned to the band when this came on.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/ZpW9_gVfBFk  (Valko  4 Dec.)

15240         USA   WWRB,  1658 M tlk in EG abt their Rhombic ant., freq as "15 point 2-4-0 megacycles shortwave", Ugand service, listeners abroad, rpt request, website, etc., and ended asking listeners to stay tuned for their Uganda pgm.  Deadair for a min. or so, then R. Munansi on in mid-speech by M.  1704 signal suddenly jumped up in strength.  (Valko  4 Dec.)

15170         CLANDESTINE   V.O. the Oromo Liberation (pres.)  Found a white noise jammer on 15165 at 1658 t/in, but there was nothing else on the freq.  Carrier came on 15170 at 1659, then HoA flute mx at 1700 followed by poss. M anncr, but the signal was too weak and the jammer was splashing up on the freq.  At 1702, the jammer suddenly jumped up on 15170 making it completely useless.  (Valko  4 Dec.)
6190           OMAN   BBC (relay)  1724 w/M play by play of Soccer game, //17780.  One of the signals on 49m seen right through the mid-day.  (Valko  4 Dec.)

17765         CLANDESTINE   V.O. the Front for Independent Oromo (via Issoudun)  Signal on at 1729:45, then 1730 bdcst start w/M giving opening ID anmnt over HoA flute mx.  1731 W anncr, then white noise jammer started but not 100% effective.  1732 HoA instru. mx and W cont. w/ment of radio, Oromo, etc.  Not very strong and fady.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/Aoi0Wxv0iBg  (Valko  4 Dec.)

11735         ZANZIBAR  ZBC  1757 countdown pgm w/M host ending w/"number moya", then W anncr w/sev. IDs, drum IS, slow time ticks, then M w/EG TC, ID, and nx.  Had story on PA tax code.  Have to tune in Zanzibar to get our own lcl nx!!  Found at 1916 w/just OC, no audio.  A video of the reception can be found at
   https://youtu.be/68dlPQAB-fo  (Valko  4 Dec.)

7146.55      ERITREA   V.O, Broad Masses of Eritrea  Finally in the clear of Ham QRM w/M anncr interviewing M remotely. 1812 into nice HoA mx w/vcl by child.  M anncr host returned and then went into "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry of all things!!!  A video of this can be found at  https://youtu.be/mNoMQrsXieg  More HoA mx, then final nxcast 1827-1831, choral patriotic song to 1833, This was only a weak visible-only signal in the display a half hour earlier.  Comes up really quickly around 1800.  Amazing that this was totally clear the entire time from 1810 to s/off.  (Valko  4 Dec.)

7175           ERITREA   V.O. Broad Masses of Eritrea  Couldn't find this earlier probably because of all the Ham xmsns, but noted at 1824 after changing laptop batteries.  Nice signal.  Interesting that the plug was pulled on this and 7146.55 at the same time at 1835:32.  (Valko  4 Dec.)

6030           GERMANY   Bible Voice Bdcsting  1836 M anncr preaching in EG.  No sign of R. Oromiya.  Weak but readable.  Better at 1918 but QRM from Oromiya as it had come on.  BVB ID at 1929, and continuing.  (Valko  4 Dec.)

7120           SOMALIA   R. Hargeisa  1845 M pgm host w/what sounded like nx pgm w/many remote rpts..  Ments of Somalia and Somaliland.  Was lucky to catch an ID at 1900:05, and again at 1901:10 seconds before going into their closing song, and off at 1901:55.  Most audio hrd from them in quite a while.  Would've been really nice if the audio would've been up to 100%.  (Valko  4 Dec.)

6145           ARMENIA   R. Menschen & Geschichten   End of Pop song at 1907 and M anncr in GM w/ID, then took phone caller.  Good signal.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/pNpR1zEDEao  (Valko  4 Dec.)

6040           IRAN   V.O. the Islamic Rep. of Iran  Signal came on around 1922, then deadair until mx started at 1928 for abut 30 seconds before going off.  Audio finally came on at 1958 w/mailbag pgm.  Very strong.  (Valko  4 Dec.)

6205.08             Presumed Coast FM at 1942.  Way too weak to get any audio yet.  Finally getting some mx at 2010.  Slightly better by 2025.  Looked gone by 2042.  (Valko  4 Dec.)
5950           ETHIOPIA   V.O. the Tigray Revolution   1952 M DJ trying to take a phone call w/many "hello"s before finally getting the caller on.  Into HoA mx.  (Valko  4 Dec.)

6925           PIRATE (NA)   R. Free Whatever  2013 big signal old time oldie "Look At Him Now".  2020 "Radio Free Whatever Time Wrap".  Strong.   A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/0V0RJhCnq3A  (Valko  4 Dec.)

4996           RUSSIA   RWM  2039 CW IDs, then time ticks on the subsequent minutes.  Quite strong and surprised to find it here.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/QJPDHXO33mg  (Valko  4 Dec.)

7265           PAKISTAN   Azad Kashmir R.  1209 simple M vcl subcont. singing to 1218.  Found // that hrd on Aussie web rxs.  Into a song at 1218 w/wailing vcl.  Faded just enough after 1220 to make it really difficult.  Of course China came on at 1230.  (Valko  5 Dec.)

3375.07      BRAZIL  R. Municipal  1006 ZY Pop song, 1008 lively canned anmnts by M w/ment of Brasil, then same M DJ over mx at 1009-1013.  Was able to catch 1 mention of Municipal and Brasil and ID at 1012:15.   Back to mx at 1013.  Very difficult due to faulty 60 hz buzzing xmtr.  (Valko  6 Dec.)

5010           UNID.   Strong OC noted here as early as 1025.  Thought it might be Taiwan or China returning, but no audio noted past 1200.  Also found on KiwiSDR web rx in Montana and Australia.  Also found later in the day at 2145+.  Jim Young also had it out west.  (Valko  6 Dec.)

6035           CHINA   Yunnan PBS  Surprised to find this on at 1212 w/Classical mx, long periods of silence between songs.  Still going at 1245.  No too bad when it was peaking around 1225-1230.  Ron Howard said he had it to 1346.  (Valko  6 Dec.)

9545           CHINA   CNR1  Found here at 1247 w/M and W hosting pgm in CH, //9500.   Went off near the end of the ToH time ticks.  I don't recall ever hearing this freq before.  Is this new??  (Valko  6 Dec.)

9500           IRAN   V.O. the Islamic Rep. of Iran  Usual soft piano signature song at 1250 mixing abt equally w/CNR1.  Choral anthem-like song at 1253, then into the Koran at 1254.  (Valko  6 Dec.)

7175           ERITREA   V.O. the Broad Masses of Eritrea  1333-1349 tlk by M in lang. and mx bridge at 1336, and M continuing w/occas. remote reporter to 1352, then HoA mx for abt 45 seconds (the beat was prominent), and M continued.  Found parallel to that hrd on the SV3EXP KiwiSDR web rx in Greece.  Nothing noted here on 7146.55 and no audio detected here on 7120 or on the web rx in Greece.  (Valko  6 Dec.)

4949.73      ANGOLA   R. Nacional Angola  2354 soft PT Pop song, 2357 M DJ in PT, 4 time ticks, TC, then nx pgm segment by M w/siren SFX.  (A crime report??) 0002:20 nice ID by M followed by the siren SFX again, then live M anncr tlk w/ment of Angola.  M DJ was having trouble taking phone call on the air at 0125.  Usual ToH routine at 0200.  Nice signal.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/3Ki0eVC2JzA  (Valko  6-7 Dec.)


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA USA

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S loop and 153 foot Delta Loop


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