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Fwd: December 6 Loggings

Charles Rippel logs

4764.96  TADJIKISTAN  R. Dushanbe (Presumed) here at 0235Z with back to back mx which was very similar to that heard from the Middle East.  YL anncr but could not put my finger on the language but definitely not SS or PP.  07 Dec RIPPEL, VA

9565.0  BRAZIL  Radio Tupi/Super Radio Deus e Amor @ 0140Z with OM talks in PP into musical variety programming at 0145Z.  5 + 0 time pips then ID and frequency schedule by OM @ 0200Z.  Quite listenable but heavy QRM from CNR, 9570.0  07 Dec RIPPEL, VA

9725.0  BRAZIL  Radio RB2  @ 0211Z  Music program with OM and YL announcers in PP (YL voice is a dead ringer for Lauren Becall).  ID at 0213Z   RIPPEL, VA

Distressing to learn of Radio Australia going dark but I am sorry to say it was no surprise.  Would like to log the remaining 60M outlets VIA long path in our late afternoons before they are gone for good.  Hams are reporting great openings into the sub-continent from ECNA on 80M prior to 1200Z.

Chuck Rippel
Chesapeake, VA

WinRadio G33DDC SDR
60/90M Sloper

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