segunda-feira, 17 de abril de 2017

Fwd: Jesus moves into the hearts and lives of the Quechuas of Peru


For 50 years Al and Barb Shannon have been ministering to and with the Quechuas of Peru.


Wife Linda and I have been part time consultants for the Quechua work and 6 years full time while supervising the construction of the Huaraz, Quechua Linguistic Campus in the state of Ancash.


Many of you came down to Peru, rolled up your sleeves and shared your God given gifts, talents and skills. Some helped build the first Christian Quechua FM radio station.


Presto at 10,000 feet above sea level the Word of God sprouted wings and untold thousands  of Quechuas heard Jesus teach them in Mama's language. One little old lady walked  for 3 days in search of The Book- yes -She found it. J Thank you for making it happen.


Some of you have been involved in the ministry for decades and others just joined the team. Buckle up & hang on, King Jesus is at the helm.

We haven't seen anything yet.

Love you.

Glenn & Linda







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