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Fwd: News from the Smith clan

Radio Logos 4810 kHz 

Greetings Team J


# 1. Pict00822.jpg

from our new office at;


Glenn & Linda Smith

980 7th St. NW #39

Largo, FL 33770


# 2. 083.jpg

Congratulations Team, for partnering with us in ministry globally via Wycliffe Bible Translators for 50 years.


Thank you for your tender loving care.

You have stored up for yourselves treasuries in heaven too numerous to count. Thank you Jesus for the gift of these faithful Saints.


Welcome to our home in the Matses village located in the Amazon Jungles of Peru.

The Line Up

Cindy sawyer – Glenn - Linda Smith

Christy McDonald & Cathy Beasley


# 3.        The Beasley Blurb !

Awesome job Cathy.


The Beasley's have been walking in the shoes of Job.

Oh how Job grieved the loss of his children. But a new day came and with it a new life and a new family.

Norm and Cathy are new grandparents with two new babies and a new future.

Let's keep them in our prayers.


Thank you for caring!

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for praying!


Love You all.

Glenn & Linda







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